10+ Best H Mart Snacks to Get at $ 10 Less (Photos)

H Mart is a very popular supermarket chain.

Grocery, daily necessities, and even high quality products make it one of the top destinations in Asian cuisine. Offering a wide range of Asian and Western cuisines, these markets have it all.

From bakeries to modern food courts within these markets, many reasons make it a unique place to shop.

There is also a snack corridor.

The shelf contains some of the best and wildest Asian snacks that can be hard to find elsewhere.

Good luck to everyone who hasn’t necessarily tried too much of them, we’ve taken a deep dive into all the bags and boxes full of desserts and salty snacks.

These are our choices for the best snacks at H Mart.

TKL egg rolls

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Green onion cakes and egg rolls are delicious but often deep fried and served very hot.

They are both salty and spicy, so these dry snacks that have both flavors are very important to us. You can buy these fancy tins instead of waiting to see your favorite food truck.

Homern Ugert Balls

H Mart Snacks

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These homer balls are pastries that are crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside.

Extremely intoxicating, they are filled with Greek yogurt and have a unique texture.

Nongsham prawn crackers

H. Mart Snacks

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It never really dawned on me why the crab flavor in your everyday quiet aisle didn’t catch on.

Prawns are a delicious and salty snack, so it’s best to keep them quiet. The good news is that we can always count on H Mart to put bags on these snack bags.

Caleb Grill a corn

H. Mart

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Corn chips, corn nuts, popcorn – there are a lot of corn-based snacks we like, yet it’s hard to find these crunchy grilled corn snacks.

Inspired by corn falling on the flame, it comes in many different flavors, such as real, garlic, spicy, bacon, etc.

Korean popcorn

H. Mart

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Korean popcorn is very similar to the standard movie style popcorn that everyone knows and likes.

The main difference is that they are more like corn puffs, giving a lighter and more airy texture. It is also slightly sweeter, often with flavors like banana.

Nuts vary and are often called “mushroom popcorn” because of the shape they form once cooked.

O! Groove

H. Mart

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We love a nice crispy snack in a fun way!

Scoops, chips, bugles, rolls, and now you know about tubes.

It is one of the most popular snacks in Korea, so you can find it on almost any H Mart. The four-walled and hollow tube produces the perfect crunch and makes them perfect for sinking.

Sweet peppers, cheddar, and jalpino cheddar are just a few of the different flavors.

Cracker peanut

Korean snacks

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Everyone who has tried cracker mung bean has a personal favorite.

Not only do they have different flavors, such as seaweed, potatoes and yams, but they also come in different shapes.

Conch, twist, and even cubed are some of the different shapes that have a different kind of satisfying crunch with each bite.

Happy Bing Bing Cone Snacks

H. Mart

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Probably the sweetest breakfast on this list.

They are old, sweet and spicy all in one delicious feast. Great for a snack on the go, these wafer cones resemble ice cream cones filled with chocolate.

Green tea, chocolate and strawberry filling are three popular flavors.

Irrawaddy-Coconut Crispy Rolls

Korean snacks

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Made from real fresh coconut meat, these wafers are neither too sweet nor too simple. They are perfectly balanced – you just have to choose the taste for yourself.

The original is the perfect place to start, the sweet potatoes are delicious and purple, and the taste of Doreen is definitely an acquired flavor. It is said that it tastes like chives powdered sugar.

Yan Yan

H. Mart

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Do you remember Dinkaros? Do you like pokie sticks but wish they had more flavor? Then there are Japanese snacks.

These small compartments have two compartments.

One contains nine biscuit sticks, and the other is filled with frosting, such as chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, or yogurt, which you use for dipping.

Pro fish bread

Korean snacks

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This is another unusual invention that is usually served hot, often in markets or out of trucks.

These are floury pastry type snacks, like twinkle, with a very sweet and more interesting filling. Marshmallow, chocolate, or classic red bean paste are common options you can find sitting on the shelf.

Chocolate pie

H. Mart

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Choco Pie H seems to be taking over most of the property in the Mart’s snack aisle.

These Korean treats are inspired by wagon whales and moon peas, which consist of two small round layers of cake with marshmallow filling and chocolate coating.

Now, you can find many different flavors, such as banana, real, strawberry, dark chocolate, fish, and more.

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