40 Father’s Day Brunch Recipes That Any Dad Will Enjoy

My husband usually doesn’t have any special requests when it comes to Father’s Day activities. Aside from wanting to spend the day with his kids and me, he doesn’t ask for a Father’s Day breakfast to wake up, a grand Father’s Day dinner or even some solitary time (that’s all he offers me on Mother’s Day.) Q – So make it one of my favorite holidays). He likes a simple day with little kids, full of Sunday routine suspects.

But for me, and for many home chefs, making beautiful food for someone special is a great way to express our love. And there’s an easy way to make a great, big Sunday brunch in honor of the man who does it all. of that The day a little easier.

So, let Dad sleep. Stop small children before entering the bedroom and go to the kitchen to prepare one or two good things. I’m talking about steak and eggs, breakfast casseroles, waffles with bacon, bourbon whipped cream and more. Whether Dad likes something light and simple or falls short enough to feed five dads, Father’s Day is a happy day!

A great brunch spread starts with something delicious and ends with something sweet. But since it’s a holiday, dare to explore the possibilities: you know, ice cream on a French toast, eggs on a burger, and a bag of hash browns. Whatever you make, Dad is sure you will feel loved. And if its sweet tooth can’t be satisfied with pancakes alone, make it a Father’s Day cake too.

Delicious brunch recipes.

Nathan Congleton / Today

Spicy chorizo ​​and eggs make this dish a little more delicious, while grilled cakes and candied bacon give this dish a sweet finish.

Cajun Bloody Mary

Nathan Congleton / Today

Sometimes even the best recipes need to change, adjust and rethink … but not this! I have been using it for over a decade and have not changed or intended to change it. This is the perfect balance between Bloody Mary Spice, Tomato Goodness and Alcoholism.

Baked eggs with mushrooms

Maya Vizney

Let Dad sleep on Father’s Day and surprise him with a simple egg skeleton to start the day. Mushrooms are full of delicious imami flavors and add a sweet texture to this dish; without the meat!

Devil's Egg Toast

Nathan Congleton / Today

Who doesn’t like devil’s eggs? Jason Santos wanted to come up with a delicious and original spin on the classic dish, but still keep it Really Use Dad’s Favorite Bread to make this delicious recipe a real winner.

Caramelized onions with tomatoes, spinach and gravy strata

Patty Lee / Today

Strata, a delicious bread pudding, is a great brunch dish to prepare for the crowd on Father’s Day, and the best to prepare ahead of time. To begin with, it’s great to find something that can be presented in a family style, just bring it to the table and you’re done!

Spicy Honey Butter Biscuit Egg Sandwich

Nathan Congleton / Today

This is an egg sandwich with coarsely chopped bacon, black cheese and arugula, a high pile on a fluffy biscuit with sweet honey butter and spicy mayo that tastes like the party you’re looking for.

Shikshuka Pizza

Mike Smith / Today

Pizza, but make it breakfast. This recipe is fun to make, great to put together early and late in the morning, great for sharing for weekend brunch.

Corn beef hash with cherry peppers

bhofack2 / Getty Images / iStockphoto

Who doesn’t like corn meat hash? You can top it with eggs or you can just set it aside, but this is always the best way to use leftover cornmeal. If you don’t like it so much, you can chop the cherries or skip them altogether. It’s spicy, it’s sweet, it’s delicious and no doubt your dad will enjoy it.

Easy egg byte muffins

Lyrics Badass / Instant Loss Eat Real, Lose Weight: How I Lose 125 Pounds – 100+ Tips Included

Grab a muffin tin and make Father’s Day brunch eggs extraordinarily easy – especially for Adventure Day.

Hash Brown waffle with fried egg and candied bacon

Samantha Okazaki / Today

Candied bacon is enough to make any breakfast dish. When placed on top of a flavored hash brown waffle with fried eggs, it makes an even better thing.

Slow-cooker Pulled Pork Biscuit Breakfast Casserole

Casey Barber

Give Dad a gift of a slow cooker casserole that has the ingredients for a stretched pork sandwich but with a spin for breakfast.

5-ingredient bacon, greens and egg breakfast sandwich

Grace Percy

This is not your average breakfast sandwich. Standard eggs get an upgrade with savory bacon and onions. Try it with mustard greens, arugula, baby bananas, spinach or chard – any kind of greens that wither will work well here.

Philippine steak with garlic fried rice

Avon Sang

The steak and the egg is Dad’s dream breakfast and this recipe, with garlic fried rice that improves the taste, is worth a try.

Slow cooker lumberjack breakfast bake

Grace Percy

Work out the night before so Dad can wake up with all his favorite snacks: eggs, hash browns, sausage and of course cheese!

Eggs cooked with avocado and lime mojo

Nathan Congleton / Today

Avocado toast is already delicious, but in Curtis Stone’s recipe, adding a scrambled egg is a great way to get it to a point. The mojo sauce also adds an extra spicy lemon flavor, making the classic mild dish milder.

Ultimate Mac Next Breakfast Casserole

Casey Barber

Layered with sausage, two kinds of cheese, delicious sanded tomatoes, leafy vegetables and the base of tried and true hash brown potatoes, this breakfast has it all. Collect the casserole at night and pop it in the oven on Father’s Day morning.

Donatella Arpaia steaks and eggs

Nathan Congleton / Today

Another thing on the steak for breakfast, this incredibly fast dish also makes a great snack for dinner when you want to taste but less on time.

Louisiana Crab Shakespeare

Nathan Congleton / Today

In his version of Shikshuka, Elon Shaya combines his Middle Eastern heritage with his adopted hometown of New Orleans, adding Cajun Seasons and Louisiana prawns. The finishing touch is a whirl of green chili jog (or foam) – a spicy herb and chili sauce you’ll want to put on everything.

Low Country Cast Iron Skeletal Scrabble and Potato Hash

Nathan Congleton / Today

Make a delicious South-style breakfast for dad with this Skeleton Low Country Boil. He has shrimp, sausage, potato hash and cheese – what more could he ask for?

Light up Chelakeles (breakfast nachos)

Casey Barber

Chilaquiles are Mexican casual food out of comparison. For breakfast, lunch or dinner, this dish of boiled turtles in salsa makes everyone happy – especially since you have to make this meal your favorite salsa. Can use

Eggs fried in spicy tomato sauce

Getty Images Stock

This is a quick, easy, tasty and inspiring way to serve eggs. It makes a basic breakfast feel extra special with minimal effort. The sauce and yolk combine to make a wonderful dipping sauce for Christie’s toast.

Inclined high brunch burgers

Nathan Congleton / Today

Barbie cuisine Matt Abdu doesn’t miss the chance to make his burger even better by topping it with eggs. The recipe includes crispy bacon, as well as well-toasted buns, peppers and onions. The yolk from the sunny egg adds to the already wonderful burger like an incredibly rich sauce.

Cheese chicken and chili breakfast casserole

Ronnie Woo

For those parents who like eggs in hot sauce, this cheese casserole will make them happy. Filled with chicken and gooey cheese, it can also be turned into dinner.

Like James Decker's Hawaii Roll Breakfast Sliders

Jesse James Decker

Make a whole bunch of breakfast sandwiches in a pan, so your dad can grab as many as he wants. The slightly sweet roll complements the saltyness of the bacon, and the crispy bacon is a perfect combo with fluffy eggs.

Brown sugar peppered bacon

Nathan Congleton / Today

This thick, spicy, sweet bacon is probably the best thing your dad will ever taste. “It’s easy, the whole house will smell of God, and whoever you serve will be impressed,” says Sri Daily.

Slow cooker Huevos Rancheros

Grace Percy

This dish, which is extremely tasty, and very easy, is the best food when you want to fill it. In a slow cooker, the toastedas are topped with chorizo, cheese, and a delicious sauce, then the eggs are added to the savory mixture.

Carson's Magic, Hangover Curing Bloody Mary

Nathan Congleton / Today

“You have no idea how popular this recipe is. This particular killer might be more famous than Mary Carson (sorry, husband),” says Siri. “She’s got all these ingredients at home, in her dressing room at the Today Show, in her Marie Poppins-style handbag in the trailer for ‘The Voice’ (well, that’s fake news.) The fact is that it Blood is one of my favorite drinks wherever he goes, and he’s got it done. “

Sweet Brunch Recipes

Alz Lemon Vanilla Dutch Baby with Blueberry Sauce

Patty Lee / Today

“The things my wife Deborah loves to make are a Dutch baby,” says El Rocker. “If it were a pancake and popover kid, it would be a Dutch kid! It tastes great with cheese. I decided to change it and make a dessert, removing the cheese and replacing it with vanilla and lemon.” Used. I think the best thing is when you take it out of the oven … it’s like a mutant souffle! “

Chocolate-hazelnut crepes with bourbon whipped cream

Getty Images

Let Daddy quickly nap with bourbon whipped cream on top of rich, chocolate crepes filled with oranges and hazelnuts.

Sunny Anderson's Easy Basic Pancakes

Nathan Congleton / Today

These pancakes are called basic, but they are anything but. Throw on Dad’s favorite toppings, from rich, creamy butter to crunchy cookies to fresh fruit, and you’re ready to go.

French cinnamon toast with almond butter caramel


French toast is amazing because it’s fast, declining and totally desirable. Instead of maple syrup or honey, this sweet and smooth palm caramel is the perfect pair for this breakfast table star. This delicious version is also dairy free.

Al Rockers Bacon Waffles

Samantha Okazaki / Today

Sprinkle the Al Rocker waffles with the bacon pieces and drizzle over the maple syrup. With this wonderful recipe, Father’s Day will be off to a great start.

Siri's dark chocolate croissant bread pudding

Zack Pagano / Today

If your dad likes declining casseroles with batter bread and rich, dark chocolate, this bread pudding is for him.

Ice cream french toast

Nathan Congleton / Today

I’m screaming, you scream, Dad screaming for ice cream! This wonderful dish only takes about 20 minutes, and the kids will have a great time making it (and stealing it from Dad’s plate).

Sweet potato pancakes

Most breakfast recipes require eggs. But flax seeds mixed with water are a great alternative to pancakes or baking eggs. These vegetarian pancakes are great because they are quick, moist and very tasty. Plus, they make the whole house look great and heavenly.

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

Nathan Congleton / Today

Can’t decide between cinnamon rolls and pancakes for this special occasion? Give both to the father! Hot cinnamon and brown sugar turn into fluffy pancakes for the final mashup of the morning.

Peanut Butter French Toast

Robert Rosenthal / Short Order Father

You can’t go wrong with this classic breakfast meal that is even better with peanut butter. Peanut butter gives the already full morning staple a unique nutty kick.

Banana donuts with maple glaze

Nathan Congleton / Today

These vegan banana donuts are baked, not fried, which makes them perfect for your breakfast or light dessert. Banana and maple are a classic combo. To jazz them out, add chocolate chips to donuts or sprinkle on top.

Sweet potato cinnamon rolls


No one would ever guess that these were sweet, sticky, rich, nostalgic, comfortable cinnamon roll wagons! In icing, sweet potato puree rolls add clay notes, while pecans add a nut. Hot cinnamon and sugar tie the whole treatment together.

Carson Daily's Rum Punch

Nathan Congleton / Today

This Carson’s favorite drink tastes like a tropical and it will take your dad to a faraway beach right away; just advise him to take it slowly because these kids are strong!

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