Best NH 2022 breweries, wines, spirits, cocktails and bars

Editor selection

Robert Sprolls is speaking to guests at Pick New England Sweetwater Farm and Distillery.

Soul from the farm
It is as local as the spirit can reach. New England Sweet Water Farm and Distillery Towards the commodity farm in Winchester, he grows cider apples, grapes, blueberries and juniper berries on his 50-acre property. This is followed by small batches of spirits, including the best Achilles vodka, made from locally grown apples from Pine Hill Gardens and Apex Gardens and potatoes from Semirovsky Farms. Stay in the tasting room from Friday to Sunday to try their vodka, single malt or bourbon whiskey, gin, rum or moonshine.

The tradition of sports hotels
This North Conway is a local favorite, but with a hole in the wall. Delaney’s Hole in the Wall The valley has been a tradition for visitors and regular visitors for over 20 years. The behind-the-scenes team consists of a group of creative bandits who combine the best and freshest local ingredients to give you delicious food. Practically everything on their menu is made from scratch, and if there’s a special ingredient you want to add or omit, no problem, they can. Their lively, innovative recipes will force you to “saddle up” and become part of the family.

Sweet cello
Turning ordinary desserts into culinary adventures and traditional cocktails into masterpieces, Morisello is a multi-faceted wine you’ll want to add to your spirits collection. Of Frank Marino Black Cove Beverages Meredith I made the BlackBerry drink after dinner with a generation old secret family recipe that goes back to my Sicilian ancestors. It is similar to lemonsello but much tastier, healthier and without acidity. The icy cold is traditionally enjoyed in small servings to promote charming conversation. Its syrup-like consistency makes it a great alternative to maple syrup for BlackBerry snacks or even your Sunday morning pancake stack.

Wine 32 Wine copy

Editor’s Pick Wine 32 Wine + Avoid Bar

Discovery of alcohol
Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally? On Wine 32 wine + avoidance bar At Bedford, you are encouraged to try new things – and to take matters into your own hands. 32 in the name refers to a rotating selection of 32 wines, which add 1-ounce, allowing you to taste without having to pour a full bottle or limit the price and quantity of the bottle. In addition, you are invited to explore through their self-service system. Here’s how it works: You buy a card, put your glass under the faucet, insert the card, insert 1-, 4- or 6-ounce, press the button, remove the card and enjoy.

Reader Survey The winners

Brewery overall winner
603 Brewery


Brewery Concord Area (tie)
Leathermans Limited Brewery

bar Concord Area (tie)
Concord Craft Brewing Co.

Brewery Dartmouth / Lake Snape Region
Flying Goose Brew Pub & Girl

New london

Brewery Great Northwoods Region
Copper Pig Brewery


Brewery Lakes Region
Kettle Head Brewing Company


Brewery Manchester Area
Pipe Dream Brewing


Brewery Monadink Region
Modest Man Brewing


Brewery Nashua Area
Spy Glass Brewing Company


bar Salem Area
Kelson Brewing Company

Brewery Coastal Area
Stoneface Brewing Company


Brewery White Mountain Region
Woodstock in brewery

Northwood stock

Beer Store
Greg & Janes Beer & Wine

Brew Pub
Backyard Brewery

Copper door
Bedford and Salem

Irish Pub
Peddler’s daughter

Best Beer Restaurant
New England tape house girl

Best Beer Restaurant Multi Location Local
Thirsty Moss Tape House
Numerous places

Best Wine List Restaurants
Bedford Village Inn

Sports bar
Cat’s Sports Bar & Girl

Pub or vineyard
Zorovine vineyards

Pub or vineyard Multi Location Local
Label winery

Liquor Store
Wine Not Boutique

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