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Denis Shapovalov is known as the clean ball striker of ATP Tour, but where does the power of world number 16 come from? The 23-year-old, who led Team Canada in charge of the 2022 ATP Cup with Felix Oger-Eliasim, is happy to take advantage of the banana nutrition in court, but not so much in terms of taste. ۔

Shapovalov may be making a good hamburger instead, but he admits he won’t cook. Not until the eggs are added

The Tour – In this edition of Food Court, Shapovalov tells how he plans his matchday meal, his favorite place to eat in Toronto, and more.

Come on, you have something to cook, what will you cook for dinner and why?
My sophisticated skill is in scrambled eggs! This is where my chef’s skills end, so I’ll cook some eggs.

Want to try and learn how to cook more?
Definitely. My girlfriend [Swedish WTA star Mirjam Bjorklund] And I keep saying we want to take some cooking classes, but we don’t have the time yet. Definitely down the road, this is something we’re both interested in. For me right now, I’m just responsible for making omelettes! This is my character.

What is your fault? Will you eat it every time or less?
I mean, maybe a good hamburger. I’ll definitely take it once in a while, definitely not during tournaments and things like that, but definitely if I finish the tournament or if I’m training. I’d like to go for a good burger.

What would you put on it?
Honestly, it’s pretty simple. Of course, ketchup, mustard, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, it’s too much. And a good bread, bread is very important. Just a nice Italian or white pair. It should be of good quality, it should be fresh. Ben is the one who makes or breaks it.

Do you eat something special the night before the match, or does it matter?
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Obviously, this is not always the same thing but it is definitely more on the healthy side. Some pasta, some salmon and rice, or some sushi. These are probably the three things I choose.

What kind of sushi?
Maybe just salmon avocado, or tuna.

On match day, do you have a special meal before the match? Is your routine
I like to eat at least an hour and a half to digest, so I try to eat two hours before the match. I like to warm up before I eat, so I’ll go back to my day. When I want to be active, when I want to warm up, based on when I want to eat before my match.

During the match, has your breakfast routine changed? Some people now eat gel, when they used to eat bananas, for example.
It’s always been a banana for me, unfortunately, I hate bananas! My growing up coach, Adriano, told me that having a banana is a big secret to winning. I’ve been following him since that day, though I hate him.

Have you always hated them, or hated them just because you eat them so much?
I never liked them. I think hate is bigger than me they always eat. So there will be bananas in our house all the time, but I will never touch them, and I never wanted to.

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Have you ever tried something different?
I tried to think more about nutrition and what I could find in court, prison and things like that. But early in my career, I got a little sick from prison for food poisoning, so I went back to bananas!

Some boys have special drinks that they make in court. Do you, or do you just drink water?
I have some sports drinks that I make, but I’m not special in what I use.

How different is your diet in a tournament week compared to a training week?
It’s different. Obviously, I’m not just going around eating junk food during training weeks, but I’m not so playful during those weeks. I guess if I kept my diet during the tournament weeks … I would go crazy if I had to do it every week. So during the week I try to give myself some freedom which is not so important.

Would it be difficult to stick to your diet for a long time if you didn’t?
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. I am always feeding a little more and enjoy changing the food. [instead] It’s just like being bored.

Is there any food from your childhood that you still enjoy?
My mom made some really good dishes, a lot of Russian dishes are really good. Mashed potatoes with some breaded chicken – maybe not so much Russian, but my favorite dish from it! But for Russian food, Russian dumplings were great.

Does MIrjam cook something Swedish for you to try?
She cooks 95% of the time. Between the two of us, I just make breakfast. She makes really good chicken and rice which I really enjoy.

Maybe one day he will teach you …
Probably! She also makes some good steaks.

Is there a restaurant that serves the same food that is your favorite?
There’s a place I always go to in Toronto. Whenever I’m there they have the best sliders I’ve ever had in my life. The restaurant is called Joyce. Every time I come back to Toronto I have to visit it.

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