Filipino pop-ups and Hawaiian fast-paced relaxation offer a homely taste.

A special kind of accuracy is required when trimming spam. Harmel locks the pork loaf inside a blue box like the Commandments inside the Arc of Covent, then boils the whole thing to get the right donations and that wet crack sound when you wrench the metal.

You should keep your eyes open when cutting spam bricks, as Michelle V. Pepping said: Careful placement of the knife and a firm hand are essential to obtain a clean and uniform slab of this “Sizzle Pork and Mmm”.

“We have to be very careful when we cut each can into four pieces,” says Pepping, who owns the Okeri Cafe and Chile’s Seafood Kitchen in Richardson. “Achieving this series of perfections requires the right amount of heat, cooking time and turning.”

For Okiri’s Onigirazo, Pepping puts a thick piece of spam, paints it with a sweet, tangy sauce, then sets it up with a whipped egg, lettuce, rice and a sheet of nouri that wraps around it. Wraps like It’s one of the many junk dishes you’ll find in Dallas right now, thanks to a consignment of Filipino pop-ups and Hawaiian-based restaurants that feature the pantry’s staples. To be clear, this is not a trend or quirk. There is nothing wrong with using canned meat. It’s about doing a little housework.

At Richardson’s Instagram Able Okeri Cafe, an epidemic pop-up finds bricks and mortar success
Spam Onigirazo (Spam Sushi Sandwich) at Richardson’s Okeri Cafe (Shafqat Anwar / Staff Photographer)

Anna Swan of Alam Dallas knows the power of canned ham in her lap. She is a self-taught cook, reminiscing about her childhood years watching her family in the kitchen of her Bay Area home. She is so strong with a knife that she can give eight to ten spam kits per can – these are the thin cutlets that sing it. The sheer slices meet wall to wall four in the pan; Thick slices are better to soften on the outside and inside.

When Swann moved to Texas in 2006, he found himself missing old family recipes. When the epidemic made a hole in the world, it filled her with food that made her happy. She taught herself more techniques and hosted live streams and recipes that friends could copy at home in the worst of times. Spamsilog is one of those soul-warming favorites: it’s a Filipino breakfast with pancake spaghetti, lots of garlic rice and scrambled eggs. This is home cooked food.

Over the past year, he has made this right in his diet through knowledge. Whenever possible, she sends large, torch-lit twists to Filipino casual meals. Most recently, he fired sandwiches at a roadside dish in The Hague’s night market. They are also known for making submissions, including spam syllogisms. Spaghetti pans, each with a sweet sticky sour cream, mixed with fried spices and beaten eggs with plenty of garlic rice.

“The key is pan-frying,” she says of spam. “That scroll of garlic rice, the floating egg … for me it’s the taste of home.”

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Serving spam cellophane, breakfast dish that spam, fried garlic and fried eggs, ...
A serving of spam syllogisms, a breakfast dish made of spam, fried rice and fried eggs, is served by Olm Dallas owner and chef Anna Swan after whipping together.(Lisbeth Powers / Special Contributor)

You will find more such meals throughout the city. In a strip mall, right next to the ever-roaring Intrastate 635, Mary’s Kitchen has a simple, absolutely delicious spaghetti spell – two blisters of good stuff, rice and two fried eggs. Here at Ober, a new restaurant in Fort Worth, are homemade “spam” bowls, made with homemade ground pork and ham. Then there’s Aloha Hawaii BBQ on Lemon Avenue, which will leave Spam Musobi on your desk so long and a beach escape. From here to eternity. The recent influx of Hawaiian restaurants has brought even more dishes to the L&L Hawaiian BBQ in Plano, such as Spam Simon, Noodle Soup with Spam.

The most common misconception about spam is that it is made up of “mysterious flesh”. It’s no secret: it’s made from pork shoulder and ham. There are only five additional ingredients – salt, water, potato starch, sugar and sodium nitrate. After making its debut in the United States in 1937 with Harmel Foods, Spam quickly joined the battlefield as a shelf-stable meat product for American soldiers fighting in the Pacific World War II campaign. Millions of cans landed in Guam, Japan, the Philippines and Hawaii.

“They took what the Americans brought to the Philippines and made it their own,” Swann said.

He remembers the epiphany he experienced after the early version of Spam, created by Dallas chef Misty Norris, now from Petra and the Best Restaurant, in Oak Cliff’s Small Brew Pub. Was The home-spin version of Dish’s Norse encouraged Swan to do so: he engineered his own version of Spam during the 2021 pop-up for a batch of techno, which he partnered with Modest Rogers Chef Modesto Rodriguez ۔

“Well, it turned out!” He saw the spam in his house. “I can do it!”

Going forward, Swann hopes to launch more spam-in-sandwich-forms at Ulam. Maybe with some kumchi fried rice spam and a big egg. Before that, she plans to return to California and spend some time at home.

“It’s been a journey for me – I’m immersed in my family history,” she says. “It’s just so powerful.”

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Anna Swan, owner and chef of Ulam Dallas, a modern Filipino kitchen, Spamsilog, a.
Anna Swan, owner and chef of Ulam Dallas, a modern Filipino kitchen, makes Spamsilog, a breakfast dish made from spam, fried garlic garlic and fried eggs.(Lisbeth Powers / Special Contributor)

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