Food: A seating at the children’s table in Food & Wine Classic

Sliders from Stark’s Alpine Grill at the Grand Tasting Pavilion at the 2022 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen on Saturday, June 18, 2022.
So Williams

The statement I’m going to make may be against the whole premise of the Food & Wine Classic in Spain, which came up last weekend in the city with a buffet of some of the most innovative and bold food you can imagine. can. And come out of town with drinks on any menu anywhere and a hangover on Sundays.

My favorite food throughout the classic was not an unexpected burst of fruit flavor, or the most vibrant watercress I’ve ever had, or some ambitious thing to take something completely out of the ordinary. It was a large plate of pasta and marinara, French fries and sliders, mini pizza and chopped vegetables served at Limelight during Wednesday night’s Kick Off Party. I felt like I was eating at the children’s table, and I loved it.

Familiar, simple foods became a recurring theme in my Bonanza Classic experience this year.

On Thursday, just before the classic really started, I was so overwhelmed by the weekend ahead and already a long weekend that I resorted to the old reliable at dinner: a slice of cheese pizza and Snow Mass Village Some French fries from Taste of Philly. . It was a winning combo for the first Fanny Hill concert of the summer.

On Friday, after tasting the wine and starting the morning with Spanish hams, the thing that got me to lunch was not the molecular gastronomy but the comfortable grub of the CP burger, where I had my wine ink column. The reporter was chatting with Kelly Hayes, a liquor expert. old man. Although I ordered a banana salad before they arrived, once I heard how much Oldman was enjoying his burgers, fries and shakes, I couldn’t compete with the falcon burgers.

Potato chips, carrots and a field dressing came to the place that night for a joint birthday party with some dear friends. There is nothing fancy or ambitious, just a lack of comfort from the basic principles of post-school snacking.

On Saturday, facing a day of mild hunger and food and wine promises that stretched from 10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. There were food samples.

A piece of pizza at the Grand Tasting Pavilion at the 2022 Food & Wine Classic in Spain on Saturday, June 18, 2022.
So Williams

I went anyway and I felt I would love a dinner that tasted more than two hours but I found a lot more to take during the free hours between the two interviews. I don’t think we were created to use 20 great, one-of-a-kind experiences in the industry in a matter of hours or days, let alone 60 minutes in between. .

So, I turned to the familiar, once again: fancy grilled cheese, pizza pieces, chips and salsa and fruit syrup. Twice I went back to local chef Mawa McQueen’s table for jaloff rice, which was as comfortable as it was delicious. Carrie Gold drew me in with cheese cubes and bread, and the vacation home rental company complimented me on offering pre-packaged cookies as I enjoyed a soft breakfast back at the office at the end of the day. ۔

Chips and salsa at the 2022 Food & Wine Classic Grand Tasting Pavilion in Aspen on Saturday, June 18, 2022.
So Williams

I also admired the people in the tent floating and flowing in the ocean with some friendly faces: hello to Rose in Mawa, Louisa to Stark’s Alpine Girl, Maggie, the supposedly compost-recycled-garbage Handling one of the boxes. , And to Hannah, who walked with me in mostly surprised silence as we both walked around the crowd with big eyes.

In the depths of sensory overload, it helped to identify some of the things that were completely new and not eye-catching.

After that night, after a long tasting tent, two seminars, two interviews, two hours later parties that turned into three because we stumbled in the wrong first, for dinner with only butter Wanted noodles and a little pepper. At 1 a.m. south, it was exactly what I needed.

A comfortable bowl of pasta with butter at home on Saturday, June 18, 2022.
So Williams

And then it was Sunday. Could it really be Sunday? Some were, of course, brunching extravagantly, or the wine tasters were making the most of their last seminar over the weekend, or looking for what they could get to take home from the tasting tent. can.

You can find me standing in line at Paradise, looking for a cinnamon roll the way I used to drink as a child when I tagged at a coffee shop with my dad. I may have been toasting royally, but when I attended the Juventus party at the Aspen Meadows Resort this afternoon, I was (almost) enough to enjoy some really great spicy tacos and other bites. The extent was settled.

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