Food Review: The Pan-Asian Wonders of Nagai delight the spotlight team.

Located in a small funka on the street of San Juan, ناگائی ابیزا Is a peaceful haven, with a character similar to that of any other restaurant in Ibiza. Arriving for the first time can be a revelation for the seeker traveler who may be attracted to the geisha street art that adorns the exterior walls.

Open for most of the year, it happens in summer, the venue really comes alive in the courtyard with colorful walls. Creates beautiful decorations. A calm and informal atmosphere under the stars.

Much more, you’ll soon find yourself chatting with people at adjoining tables, enjoying a delicious catwalk from charming dining plates, musical entertainment or a restaurant boutique.

A big smile is the first thing you always find in Nagai, when greeted at the door.

Humor continues from within, where children and pets are equally welcome to enjoy the feast for the senses. Owner Reina Nagai (whose name means Queen in Spanish) is actually the king of all these surveys in Nagai.

On this occasion, it was nice to see her relaxed and smiling, while making sure everyone was satisfied.

While you are enchanting the environment, cocktail waiters are constantly working overtime to complete high quality delicious drinks. It is fair to say. The espresso martinis we enjoyed as apprentices were probably the best to be found anywhere in Ibiza..

Nagai’s extensive menu combines influences from around the Asian continent, combining traditional Japanese, Korean and Southeast Asian cuisine, and occasionally European fruit. The result is a unique and diverse spectacle, one that will delight any adventurer.

One of the best examples of ethics was shown by our first dish, One. Farmer’s salad (Country salad) Nagai style.

In this typical simple local staple, Abizan combines red potatoes, tomatoes, red onions, sea buckthorn and bluefin tuna on a very traditional dish in a unique way. The result was extraordinary The restaurant is worth earning Flavors of Ibiza (Flavors of Ibiza) Approval from the island government.

Naturally, fish, seafood and sushi are very much in Nagai’s stock. Prawns play a particularly important role and one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes is the legendary dragon rolls. On this occasion, however, we were given two more interpretations of the delicious marine crustaceans.

The impressive Tempura prawns were very large, about the size of a lingostein. Crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside, they are a criminal pleasure that everyone can enjoy, but at the same time, fried curries are equally similar.

A completely different option was the marinated aka abbey prawns. Like The sweetest prawns in the worldThey are served with Korean fermented spices gochojung sauce and yuzo peels.

These juicy, juicy prawns, Deal with a hearty chili cookie as a nice surprise for an unexpected dinner..

The award for the most delicate dish of the night definitely goes to the dazzling Iburi Shimesaba.
Generally quite powerful in taste, this marinated mackerel, served with caramelized ginger, radish and lime peels, was a testament to the delicacy of raw fish.

Many customers come back again and again for the wonderful sushi in Nagai, where the chefs have always tried to push the boundaries of innovation in this Japanese art. Sushi rolls are very popular and are always served with a punch.

Presented to us tonight. best of the best – Soft-shelled shrimp rolls. Not only was it a very rare and delicious treat in Ibiza, but it was also spectacular.

Following, Smokey glass cakes were removed from the theater to display double salmon rolls. Top with chopped fennel inside and salted popcorn salted on top.

The most delicious dish was Kamamishi rice with Erangi mushrooms, artichokes, adama and desi sauce. Massive meaty mushrooms make it the centerpiece of what was once a real vegan feast.

Of The biggest surprise of the night was saved until the last minute..

Soon to be added to the menu, we were lucky enough to get a glimpse of the chef’s latest dessert connection – a new semi-friedo with puffed mejo seeds that are pleasantly sweet. There was, in which the soil, almost like grass, grain. Flavors

Very The Japanese, in general, are no less delicious than anyone else’s sweet European expectations..

Nagai is a restaurant that goes on strike. The perfect balance between relaxation and artistic creativity, Offering innovative cooking as well as tried and reliable comfortable food. The name in Japanese means longevity and it seems very appropriate in the context of this gem of the restaurant.

The Nagai team has worked together for over ten years. As a result, it works like a well-oiled machine.

From Reina to Melissa at the door and Melchiver on the floor, to the resident DJ, guest musicians, boutique hostesses, and cocktail waiters are all pulling in the same direction to deliver. A high quality experience.

This consistency did not last Repsol Guide Jury, Who has given the restaurant its prestigious Sun Prize for the past two years. Whenever we enter the world of Reena Nagai, we love the experience and will keep coming back every year.

We hope you will too.

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