Great dramatic set in an Italian beef joint

Jeremy Allen White and Lisa Colin Zeiss in The Bear

Jeremy Allen White and Lisa Colin Zeiss among them the bear
Image: Matt Dunerstein / FX

Is there anything more than full-bodied footage of an Italian beef cooked in Chicago, the city’s most boastful sandwich, performed by the city’s most proud band, Wilco What’s the set on “Via Chicago”? In the case of FX the bear, Actually, yes, type: Before the pilot had space-specific food and ear porn movies, two friends, one of them tattooed on his left biceps with Chicago’s area code “773” It happened, they used to mess in front of each other. Other very Chicago hints: a billboard advertising Malört, a really scary wine, and a bright sign for Vienna beef, which is really going to make some great hot dogs. The city swings. the bear Throughout, even if it’s in someone’s grasp that the neighborhood “Pilsen, Wicker [Park]And Logan [Square]”Shut up”, or how the two characters in particular spit out the characters with just the right attitude and a non-cartoon Chicago accent.

But the most obvious reference or moment of character as a city is preserved until the beginning of the seventh episode, when the morning host of the local radio station WXRT, Lin Bremer, introduced Safjan Stevens to “Chicago”, noting that ” When you hear. All the roads lead to Rome, some to Chicago. The demo version of the song begins. Are inspired by a montage of: water towers and skyline and traffic and beautiful architecture and L and side roads in the morning trips and even on Superdawg Drive-In (incidentally, one location Wilco for a photo shoot گھماؤ). Then, it goes for it, and includes some good, bad, and ugly aspects of the city’s history: Barack Obama’s campaign, Al Capone, and police brutality during the ’68 Democratic National Convention, to name a few.

If all of this sounds a bit like a big leap for a seemingly ridiculous (albeit very dark) show about what happens at Mom and Pop restaurant, it’s not weird. (And if you have a connection to this city, you can mock the description above – that saffron song? To be More on the nose? نBut honestly, the effect is moving.) the bear It has the rare ability to pull off an active cooler accidentally in one minute at a children’s party, without realizing that it is pulling you in, or manipulating you, or unearned. I have a joke after which an emotionally defensive Chicago boy is crying. Next-eye story about a deceased family member.

But back to the other guy, the Chicago Tate. This is Karmi (Shameless‘Jeremy Allen White, performing a very remarkable performance and watching the part with the cigarette-breaker with the need for this faded-eyed greasy hair, even if it’s weird for a runaway friend. Be buff A greasy spoon). He was a white chef in New York, named Young Chef of the Year (or something else). Food and wine, As well as receiving the James Baird Award. Now, after a stir in his family, he’s back to running his own restaurant in Chicago, a River North Staple called Chicagoland’s real beef. (A very minor grip here: no space. I Chicago will have “Chicagoland” in the name of their restaurant, as it refers to the suburbs. But we will assume that they had to do so for legal reasons. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. Food and wine The author can write, a timeless, classless meal.

None of them get along well with their cousins ​​- but no. Technically Cousin Richie (Ibn Mas-Bachrach, a brilliant, humorous, motor-mouthed twist), an energetic bunny of a family friend and a typical fuck-up who has nothing but beef to keep him steady. Coins There are lots of good deliveries from Moss-Bachrach – who plays one of the characters who gets the Chicago accent without getting lost in the caricature, the kind of guy who irrationally throws “sweetheart” – But here’s one:

“I can’t believe I’m taking orders from one. Fucking All my life I had to listen to everyone who was worried about it all the time. “She is OK. Don’t get Carmen in trouble. ” you know? I was once a kid, Sydney. No one fucked. “

In Eve Edbury Bear

Ayo Edebiri in the bear
Image: Matt Dunerstein / FX

And what’s more, here’s another one of the many hilarious mouse exchanges between him and Karmi:

“Nonsense. That motherfucker is nonsense.”

“Perfect timing, I-“

“Who does he think he is? You know he’s not Italian either, right? One hundred percent Polish. Insulting.”

“You know you’re not Italian either, right?”

“It’s more Italian than this man.”

Speaking of Sydney (Eve Edbury is also the best and like the show’s anchor), this young aspiring chef has a relationship with Karmi. the bearLike Karmi, he also attended the Culinary Institute of America. As such, she has an impressive experience, brushing her teeth at local favorites Smoque BBQ and Alinea. As such, she is also incredibly ambitious, handling the kitchen as a sauce chef and leading the rig rig tag group of employees to work out like a great dining kitchen, especially Marks (Lionel Boyce) who gets pastry chef bug. And like Karmi, his mentor (in this case… Karmi) can be a dick, rejecting great ideas and kicking him out when real problems have to be solved.

Bear | Official Trailer | FX

The rest of the cast, too, is in both kitchens (Lisa Colin Zeiss as a skeptic who has been eating beef sandwiches for decades, and has been a producer, chef, and consultant). Deputy Matthew Matheson (not a salaried handman) and one of them (Abby Elliott as Carmi’s cousin and Chris Watask as the husband of her bizarre Midwestern boy).

One caveat, though: be kind to yourself and give. the bear At least two episodes before the verdict. It’s hardly a knock on the pilot, but it throws you into a working environment that is so intense and chaotic and cramped that you get your bearings and watch the show and its characters beyond chaos and flashbacks. It takes a while. Once you get used to it, the bear It becomes a wonder, a show with its own rhythm and characters with which you usually want to be around, even if they are losing it. That last episode, along with a moving montage intro set for Safjan, ends with one of the most inspiring directional acts seen on television this year: a 10-minute single Shot climax that snakes like everything in the kitchen. Split and the characters come together, also soundtracked by Wilco (“A Wild Living Jam of Spiders”). [Kidsmoke]”), Which is probably appropriate: this show, like this band, like this humble sandwich, can consist of a large number.

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