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Raising awareness around the Guru the Good initiative in the Atlanta community

Metro Atlanta’s American Heart Association (AHA) and Holmes View Georgia (WWG) have teamed up with community organizations in Atlanta City to raise awareness about the Grow the Good initiative, a grassroots campaign that is supplemental. Promotes the promotion of the Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Programs to increase access to fresh, healthy, locally grown food.

Collaborate with agencies such as Community Farmers MarketFresh Marta Markets as well as Unearthing Farm and Market, Grow the Good Produce Giveaways were held on May 4 and May 21 at Hamilton E Homes and Bank Head Stations. Participants were provided with information and resources on food and shopping with health in mind. With fresh local produce.

Community Farmers Market, a Bernard J. Tyson Impact Fund Recipients, in partnership with MARTA, to operate permanent production stands at MARTA stations located in food insecure neighborhoods. Since its inception in 2015, Marta Market Has become a major resource for the community, providing 250,000 pounds of fresh food to over 70,000 visitors.

“Thanks for the healthy wave Georgia for fresh cum Program, we’ve been doubling the SNAP / EBT dollar since our first season, “said Lauren Wood, Program Director for Fresh MARTA Market.” SNAP / EBT accounts for more than a third of our total sales, so Grow the Good Participating in the initiative is in line with our goal of increasing access to fresh food. We are grateful to organizations such as WWG and AHA as comrades in this work and look forward to continuing to work together to help build a sustainable, equitable food system in the metro area and beyond.

At Unearthing Farm and Market, there were food demonstration stations to showcase healthy recipes that could be made from distributed fresh produce.

Field and market exploration Edgewood and Kirkwood is a nonprofit working to provide equal access to fresh, locally grown produce in the neighborhoods.

“The Guru the Good initiative helps raise awareness of the resources that our neighbors can access on other forms. By tapping into the flexible pay options at SNAP / EBT, Georgia Fresh for Les, and Unearthing, We hope that some of the barriers to our community’s access to food and resources that benefit their health will be removed, “said Heather Franklin, Farm Outreach Coordinator. To explore farms and markets. “Holding Guru the Good helped build relationships with members of the community who were not aware that we were in their own neighborhood. We look forward to working with our neighbors to improve the health of our community. We will continue to build relationships as partners.

In Georgia, the average household income on SNAP is $ 19,968 compared to, 65,529 who are not on SNAP.1. In these unprecedented times, programs like Guru the Good are more important than ever. Grow the Good SNAP / EBT enables recipients to purchase locally grown fruits and vegetables at double their SNAP / EBT dollars.

“Funding for Guru the Good will bring many benefits to the people of Atlanta: families will have the opportunity to buy and eat more healthy food options, local farmers will gain new customers and make more money, Atlanta I will have more food dollars, local economies will thrive, “said Jasmine Hooper, director of community advocacy at the American Heart Association.

Grow the Good has been working since July 2021 with the Holmes View Georgia Community Health Food Access Coalition and an advisory board to raise funds through the city of Atlanta.

“There are about 500,000 people in the city of Atlanta and about 50,000 residents do not live near the food store,” said Debra Kebe, a senior research associate at the Georgia Health Policy Center. Guru serves on the Good Advisory Board.Easy access to healthy food at Marta Markets is good for families and can help build a healthy, vibrant and sustainable community.

I have enjoyed my time working with Grow the Good and being able to provide fresh produce at the MARTA station where I feel I am really helping to make fresh food important to my community. “We need more people in the community to make sure that initiatives like Grow the Good are effective,” said Douglas Barnes, a member of the Healthy Wave Georgia Community Health Food Access Coalition.

The AHA and WWG will continue their awareness campaigns to gain momentum and assess impact before introducing the initiative in other regions of the state of Georgia.

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