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Texas Monthly Each month our dining guide adds and updates lists of about 60 restaurants. There is limited space in the print issue, but the complete searchable online guide to the best food in Texas is at your fingertips!

Below are some highlights of the revised new restaurant in our July 2022 issue. Click “More info” for more details about each restaurant:


West Texas Italian cuisine and catering

When you step into this little shop you can be forgiven for feeling frustrated: it doesn’t look like West Texas! The refrigerated case displays salami and mortadella logs, as well as unusual (for here) capris salads, truffle-laced cheese, and marinated olives. Flat breads contain ingredients such as figs, prosciutto and arugula, while sandwiches are thickened with fresh, soft bread with fine pieces of fried meat and cheese such as provolon and barrata. Brunch (cinnamon-raisin french toast, ricotta-and-herlum-tomato gelatine) is served all day Saturday (best eaten on fires), canola (shown above) is prepared indoors, and Prepared lisgnas (beef, cheese, spinach) are available for picking and cooking. Enter through the Far West Texas Kettle Company.
Daily | ⭑⭑ | $$ | More information

St. Anthony

Box cents all day

Pink Umbrellas, Pink Menu – In the heart of Hemisphere Park, this lovely greasy restaurant combines cool cocktail tales with a favorite food truck favorite (think crab-filled avocado, burger jam with bacon jam). Dinner is now an option. You’ll find charming plates, such as boneless braised beef with carrots roasted in candy canned sweetness and calamarta pasta (its large circles mimic calamari) with piles of light bolognese and permisons. Cherry compote – Brunch cuts with toppings like top pancakes and handmade donuts can be seen all day long.
American | ⭑⭑ | $$ | More information


La Stella Kakina Virus

Polished service, sleek decor, and Italian classics make this Arts District space a great choice for pre- or post-performance dining. A starter from Carsiofi Ala Romana (above) came to the edge and sprinkled with cheese. The luxurious saffron kissed risotto with bone marrow was spread with edible gold flakes, and the pieces of slightly sweet bread were garnished with soft veal cutlets wrapped in butter. The fallen prawns were delicious (but a little light) and came with perfectly ripe white beans that were alive with Guanxial. The best bets are pasta, especially the creamy Cavalieri ala Nirano, which is made with provolone and fried and paired zucchini.
Italian | ⭑⭑ | $$$$ | More information

Fort Worth

Nickel City

For our money, we haven’t found a more delicious cocktail joint that offers food so well that we don’t even need alcohol to enjoy it. Delray Cafe was prepared by a food truck, snacks and food ordered from bartenders arrived at our table within twenty minutes, giving people plenty of time to look. The best cut was a fried Bologna sandwich: thick cut, served on a grated mortadella batter, brown Texas toast with pickle chips, mayo and daisies (we recommend adding grilled onions). Boiled chicken wings bathed in a fine sauce were cooked to order and mixed with a chunky, handmade blue cheese dressing. The second Thursday of each month brings Steak Night, which means a deal with Chronicle Cut Fries and Crunchy Breaded Onion Rings on a very respectable grilled sirloin.
American | ⭑⭑ | $ | More information

Port Isabel

Hopper House

Neighboring SpaceX has brought many new people to this sleeping city. Thankfully, rocket scientists now have a state-of-the-art gastro pub with a list of out-of-the-world beers. The pretzel bites with mustard and beer cheese went well with the draft beer, but we really enjoyed the Houston Street Tacos: Chicken, Beef, or Vegetable Grilled Onions, Avocado and Red Peppers in Corn Turtles Wrapped with We hope to see the start of stardom from Bergarton in the near future.
American | ⭑⭑ | $$ | More information

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