How To Make Healthy Versions Of Your Favorite Fast Food

Fast food type eating is easy for some people. For others, Taco Bell’s siren call is almost irresistible, and the light from the Golden Arches points us to insect-like flames. In general, depriving yourself of treatment altogether is not a great strategy. But no matter how many so-called healthy options your favorite fast food joints and chain restaurants have, you are better off fulfilling some desires at home.

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Fortunately, there is no shortage of recipes that link the copycat desire to a healthy eating campaign. As you might expect, many of them replace animal-derived ingredients with substitutes for vegetables and meat, in addition to changing flour, fat and cooking methods.

While the health benefits of regurgitated junk food may seem overwhelming, it’s better than hitting the drive. Even if you’re not going to be completely paleo, gluten-free, vegan (or whatever you have), make a few minor changes to your eating habits – such as baking, oil and grease instead of frying. Reduce, reduce sugar and salt, eat less meat each week and leave out the easiest options to eat Home cooking More often – can add to the feeling of being really good.

Treating yourself to a healthy fast food is as easy as slapping a meatless morning star BBQ “Rubles” on an onion and pickle bun for a vegetarian McRib – whenever you want. There is no need to wait for K to return. Or when you feel like it, you can engage a little more and make healthy fast food copycat recipes below.

Instead of Taco Bell

Homemade Crunch Rap


You can do this easily by substituting beef for taco spicy lentils (or TVP or store-bought meatless taco crumbles) and using the right amount of vegan cashew sour cream and vegan cheese, including vegan nicho cheese. You can ignore this domestic crunch rap. But if you eat meat, just use RealRecognizable beef or chicken is a big step forward, even if you still can’t technically call it a healthy diet. Get Chowhound’s Homemade Crunch Wrap Supreme Recipe

Instead of an outback steakhouse

Baked paleo blooming onion

Deep fried crumbs can be a surefire way to eat, but baking works quite well with almost no oil. This recipe also uses almond flour (called gluten-free) in the name of the Paleo Diet, but you can use whatever flour you like and have on hand. If you can find vadalia or other sweet onions, try them, and if you have onions. Really Larger, you may need to increase the amount of seasonal flour to coat each beautiful petal. Get a cooked paleo blooming oven recipe.

Instead of Panda Express

Roasted orange cabbage

If you are eliminating or reducing animal protein from tofu and satin to jackfruit and temp, there is a whole world of meat substitutes, but just changing heart vegetables is also a great option. Is. Here, soft yet fleshy cabbage stands for chicken. If you are not afraid to fry, you can dip the cabbage twice in hot oil and beat it with sticky orange sesame sauce, but this recipe wraps it in panko and cooks it instead. To take a healthier old favorite. . Get the recipe for roasted orange cabbage.

Instead of chapotal

Grilled chicken barretto bowl

As fast food chains run, Chapotal can be a great choice, despite the sporadic E. coli outbreak; The real problem comes from eating a whole humane barretto (okay, and stacking) All Cheese and sour cream). If you make a chapotal style cup at home, you can not only copy their delicious chicken recipe but also better control the proportions of your parts and ingredients.

Adding even more vegetables is always a smart move, and you may want to consider adding other grains, such as brown rice or quinoa, in which case you – and should – still add red pepper and lime. You can add juice (unless of course you hate red pepper). Get the recipe for DIY chipotle burrito bowl.

Instead of McDonald’s

Wagon Big Mac

While many other fast food and Chinese destinations offer vegan options, McDonald’s has historically ignored them (although some items on the menu are meat-free). That said, why not take things into your own hands and make Wagon Big Mac analog at home? The two All Quino-Pinto bean patties do not have exactly the same ring, but each component of the song is calculated and, where necessary, vignetted. If you’re cold for meat but can’t live without real cheese, just make your way to another burger chain. Get the Wagon Big Mac recipe.

Instead of Chick-fil-A

Tofu nuggets with vegan ‘honey’ mustard sauce



If you’re a big fan of Mac Nuggets who just can’t remember the pink mud, try these baked, meatless, lean-based nuggets at home for a change – but if you like Chick-fil-A Belonging and you don’t eat don meat (or just can’t support its politics), this copycat recipe is completely vegan but it tastes close to the real thing. This is thanks in part to the salty water of the pickle juice and a little powdered sugar in the bread. (if you Are An unusual meat eater, you can try this copycat Chuck-Phil-A Nuggets recipe, which is meant to reduce sodium and can always be cooked instead of fried, without losing a bit of crunch. There is a risk of) Get chicken. fil-A tofu nuggets with vegan “honey” mustard sauce recipe.

Instead of red lobster

Gluten free cheddar biscuits

To be clear, these are no They are usually healthy just because they are gluten-free (and still contain cheese, buttermilk and butter), but if you’re allergic to wheat and miss cheddar biscuits, don’t worry. No need, because you can make them at home with gluten. – Free dough. Plus, there’s no menu full of deep-fried seafood to tempt you, and you can make some extremely easy salmon to go with your biscuits instead. Get the gluten-free cheddar biscuit recipe.

Instead of an olive grove

Healthy Cabbage Phytoxin Alfredo



The olive grove can have a list of amazingly good wines and great deals on soups, salads and bread sticks, but it’s also home to high-calorie pasta options. You can make most of them significantly healthier at home, and fettuccine Alfredo is no exception. Well, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first Bus Like the typical pasta Alfredo, but it’s super creamy without a ton of butter and well creamy – plus you get an extra veggie boost from all the cabbage mixed in the sauce.

Consider tossing it with vegetable noodles (or just change it). Some Pasta with vegetables, such as the recipe for Zachary Ribbons in Chicken Alfredo). Add crushed shrimp or chicken breast and chopped celery if you like, and you’ll be glad you’re home. Get Healthy Cabbage Phytoxin Alfredo Prescription.

Instead of Wendy

Wendy’s Copy Cat Paleo Frosty and Extra Crispy Oven Baked French Fries

For a more convenient and dairy-free version of your favorite chocolate country shake ore concoction, you can try a recipe with coconut milk ice cream, or go with it, which uses ice and baked bananas. Used to give a cool texture. It also includes the natural sweet and raw cocoa powder of your choice. Either way, feel free to make some crispy, oven-baked “fries” with dappin. If you’ve never tried it, believe me, it’s one thing – and there’s something wonderful about it. Get Wendy’s copycat paleo frosty recipe.

Instead of cheesecake factory

Raw vegan sneakers cheesecake

There are many ways to make cheesecake, and there are many unlimited flavors to add. The amazing array of choices at Cheesecake Factory is proof of that. One of the best options is to have a Snickers Cheesecake, which comes in at this time (covering your eyes). More than 1,000 calories per slice – According to at least some sources, such as Fooducate (this is no longer on the original cheesecake factory menu, but similar cheesecake offers 1,330 calories, so it seems right).

If you’re sharing a piece with other people, it’s probably not that bad, but you can feel better about eating a large portion of this wagon version yourself. Its creamy texture is similar to cashews (there are no relevant words in the instructions, but the nuts should be soaked in water overnight), and sweetened with dates and dark chocolate. Get the raw vegan sneakers cheesecake recipe.

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