In the fold: Betty’s pizza and pasta are opening this week.

To add or not to add? It is debatable whether extra large slices of New York-style pizza should be folded in half before eating. Some people do this to avoid the terrible “flop”, while others drop the crust to prevent the cheese from slipping in the avalanche. Anti-folders keep their food a two-handed affair, preferring to double the number of bites it takes to potentially eliminate its coveted pieces. No matter how you prefer to eat your pie, Betty’s Pizza and Pasta, 1003 South Blvd., is ready to bring a taste of Big Apple in Oak Park, Pleasant District. The much-anticipated restaurant opens to the public on Thursday, June 16.

Will and Justin Greenwald, co-owners of Rob Gwynethner and Katie Ashton and Pete and Fran Lysenk live through Kettlestrings Tavern, 800 S. Oak Park Ave., and Kettlestrings Grove, 105 S. Marion St., Betty’s Pizza and Pasta completes. went. Catalyst Trafficking

Earlier this week, the owners welcomed friends and family to a private dinner that was offered as a soft opening for a family-friendly restaurant. The fun and awkward vibe aims to commemorate the frequent childhood visits of Rob Gwendtner, co-owner of Pizza. Expect traditional red and white checkered tablecloths and traditional red cups to give rise to throwback vibe.

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