La La Anthony partners with Baileys Colada to relaunch Limited Edition

There’s nothing like a good mix of pineapple and coconut in the summer. Baileys Irish Cream liqueur covers your summer vibes with the relaunch of Baileys Colada in partnership with recreational powerhouse La La Anthony. In addition to her partnership with Baileys Colada to bring back a limited-time offer this season, the star, as seen in it. power And چیBaileys Colada is introducing its three new signature cocktail recipes, including Coquito Colada.

“It’s definitely my favorite,” Anthony told ESSENCE. The Brooklyn-born figure notes how Coquito Colada reminds him to stay home for a fun gathering with friends and family, as Coquito is usually offered to celebrate the holiday season and special occasions. “It just puts you in that frame of mind.”

Of Think like a man The actress continued, “We all work really hard and a lot is happening to get a cocktail, it really feels like you can avoid what is happening, and it feels like that. It’s always nice to be somewhere on vacation. Things. I just think it’s just a holiday vibe, whether you’re at home alone or with friends. “

Some of her favorite memories of growing up at home with a close family were with dinner parties, meals and of course cockatoos during the holiday season. “I only have one big family so the holidays are when we all get together, hang up the phone, really enjoy each other, and talk about life. My life revolves around my family. And that’s a lot of us, so it’s just a big deal that your family is behind you and yet there are moments where you can all live together and just enjoy each other, Anthony added.

This is not the first time Anthony has partnered with the Belize brand, as he did last summer, but this year he is a bit more hands-on than before. “This summer, I had the opportunity to put my little twist on some of Belize’s new cocktails. What I loved about it was that I managed to get some of my Spanish and Puerto Rican roots.” He added: “Piña colada originally started in Puerto Rico so we came up with some really new spins, like Minty Colada and Coquito Colada. It was really nice to bring Puerto Rican to Belize Colada this summer.

Talking about the summer holidays, Anthony shared his plans for the upcoming season. After filming the stars Black Mafia Family (BMF) In late June, she plans to take time out for the holidays, bring her legs up, and take some rest and take care of herself.

“I definitely tell myself I want to take some time to travel, take my son to a special place, and really want to enjoy my summer,” said Anthony. ” “Sometimes it’s a little hard to find balance, but I definitely want to do something really fun this summer. I have to go to the Essence Music Festival and I’m looking forward to it.”

Anthony praised the Belize brand for its constant celebration of diversity and multicultural backgrounds, including one of its own proud Spanish women. He described his experience with Belize as “amazing” and continued to express appreciation for the feeling of his wine partnership.

“I wanted to take some of my Puerto Rican roots and tell it in this new twist on these cocktail dunes, and everyone was so excited and excited about it. I mean, I wanted to have that kind of partnership. And the kind of people I want to work with, “said Anthony enthusiastically.” Bailey always takes pride in celebrating diverse cultures and backgrounds. It means something to me and why I wanted to be a partner with them and continue my partnership with them.

Belize Colada’s partnership is not the only thing on Anthony’s plate in the coming months. She also revealed that she will be working on some more projects this summer, including the original Netflix movie, which is coming soon. Perfect search along with Think like a man Co-star Gabrielle Union. In addition, Anthony has just finished shooting for Netflix’s highly anticipated movie. You guys Co-starring Eddie Murphy, Jonah Hill, Lauren London, and New Long, for whom he said he was “really excited.”

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