Meals on Wheels NWI gala return and net worth $ 75,000 to meet needs – Chicago Tribune

It was March 2020 when I dined just one table away from my friendly food columnist colleague at the Times of NWI, the ever-smiling Elvis Vladis, as we gathered for the 20th anniversary multi-course celebration. ۔ Chefs Gala.

We even hopped on the table so we could share and exchange dessert samples.

Of course, little did any of us realize that in a week’s time, the world would change forever. Trying to shelter, cancel, mask. And vaccination

These memories are even greater because last Sunday, June 5, at the Avalon Manor in Hobart, it was great to welcome the return of NWI Dine to the Chefs Gala together with the Chefs Gala. Attended and picked up the key. Funding to help this important non-profit organization to feed the needy.

“We raised over $ 75,000 at our Dine with the Chefs event on Sunday,” said Judy Bella, business development director for Mails on Wheels NWI.

“For example, the net of two dozen custom cookie boxes sold during the live auction was $ 1,400 and was bought by Mr. Barry Levin. These special cookies were made by students at the Hammond Cleaner Career Center.

Terrific Charlie Misovye did a great job of conducting behind-the-scenes interviews between courses with a roster of outstanding regional chefs who worked brilliantly, who donated a wonderful dinner of six courses gathered for this great cause. And prepared.

Merrillville-based Meals on Wheels NWI is led by Executive Director Sandra No, who continues to convey the important message that the mission still desperately needs more volunteers as drivers and delivery staff. The long-running COVID-19 global epidemic has exacerbated existing challenges in providing food to customers in Jasper, Lake, Porter and Newton counties. For more information, visit or call (219) 756-3663.

Last year, food on NWI’s wheels found that it was often preparing 2,000 meals a day!

Keith Pfeiffers, executive chef at Mills on Wheels of Northwest Indiana, has been in the role for over a year, and he’s been on the menu. Is also responsible for setting up a new kitchen course.

Peffers were also on the list of chefs who created Sunday meal creations, including Robins Calloway, chef at Robbins Mexican Girl, David Lerner, chef at Fused Catering, Jenny Miller, chef at Horse Show Casino, and Chris Papas, chef at Provico. AP chef Derek Tucker was among them. Gourmet, NISI Greek Taverna’s Chef Pantelis Vouros, Cupcake’s Beloved Chef Michelle Van Wright, Asparagus Chef Tammy Pham, Hartsfield Village Chef Gabe Rosado, Hard Rock Casino Northern Indianana Chef Ivan Zekic, Chef Bev Seleb and Ivy Chef Elida Abita, Chair of the Hospitality Program at Ivy Tech Community College, and others.

In 2020, I served Chef Alida Abita’s delicious Minestrone Soup, the first course of the 2020 Gala Dinner. In keeping with tradition, this time, I’m sharing her delicious Mexican-style elite corn chowder, which was enjoyed as the first course of the year, and was replaced by a second soup called Avogolemno. Which is very similar to Greek lemons and rice. Soup based soup. Chef Alida prepared this Mexican corn chowder for the guests of Galen and Galen Gala and with the help of her fellow cooking team Beverly Celeb and Liliana Hinojosa.

Columnist Philip Potempa has published four books and is the director of marketing at the Center Theater. It can be reached. [email protected] Or send your questions: From the form, PO Box 68, San Pierre, IN 46374.

Makes 1 quart or 6 servings.

1/4 cup vegetable oil

1 cup chopped onion

1 roasted, peeled, deciduous publino chili pepper, chopped.

2 cloves of garlic

6 cups frozen roasted corn

1/2 teaspoon inch chili powder

1/4 teaspoon chili powder

Salt and pepper to taste

3 ounces butter, melted.

3 ounces whole purpose flour

4 cups chicken stock

1 tablespoon lime juice, or more if you like.

8 ounces heavy cream, plus extra to adjust consistency

Chopped red pepper or parsley

Garnish: Lime Veg, Sour Cream Thinned with Heavy Cream or Buy Mexican Cream, Tri-Color Tartella Strips, Cottage Grated Cheese, Julien Radishes – All Optional


1. Put vegetable oil, chopped onion, until soft in stock pot.

2. Add chopped roasted publino chili peppers, garlic and roasted corn and cook until well combined.

3. Add spices and stir. Add more anchovies and chilli powder for more heat.

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4. Pour 1/3 of the soup into the puree (this step is optional).

5. Make roux – Melt the butter and cook the flour until the nuts are found.

6. Add roux to thicken the soup.

7. Add chicken stock, lime juice, heavy cream, and red pepper or parsley.

8. Let the soup boil so that all the flavors are added,

9. Adjust consistency.

10 Serve with garnish of choice.

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