Messian Green Plum Wine in the Louvre in Paris, Messenger of Oriental Grace

A well-known cultural expert commented that alcohol has influenced the Eastern world with European culture, including religion, art, lifestyle and aesthetics. Similarly, in Meijian’s first Paris Not only does it offer European consumers a taste of Oriental plum wine, but it also helps them get to know more foreigners. Of china Five thousand years of culture.

Throughout history, wine has always been the common language of different nationalities. People of different races taste the wine of different regions and learn about each other’s customs and cultures. Perhaps, this event of Eastern and Western cultural exchange gave Mejian the opportunity to revive the millennial Eastern cultural tradition and present it to the world with politeness and grace.

Attention to Oriental flavors in the global market

Compared to some strong spirits, green beer wine is safe, beautiful and comfortable. Such attention is easily accepted by foreign markets.

In the 2022 MONDE selection, the competition jury praised Meijian for being very expressive and open, and for emitting the aroma of strong ripe berries with honey, almonds and wooden notes. Caramel and grains are also easily recognizable in terms of taste. This is because the main wine of Mejian is the wine of the common eastern gourd.

It is clear that the taste of Mejian is very close to the standard of international mainstream definition. In terms of food culture, French food is an artistic match between food and wine. Mejian has a beautiful, refreshing sweet and sour taste, so it combines not only with Chinese cuisine but also with local food cultures abroad.

I MalaysiaIce cream is a great choice for local spicy seafood and can relieve heartburn. and I GermanyMijian mixed drinks are more popular, which further enhances the taste of beer wine and makes the drink more enjoyable. In addition to traditional spirits and beer, Meijian is becoming the third choice for consumers.

Today, Tupsi and selfishness have become the drinking habits and drinking habits of new generations around the world, providing an opportunity to revive the oriental flavors and lifestyles offered by Mejian.

Millennium Elegance inside a bottle of green beer Wines

Drinking a glass of wine was once considered a beautiful way of life in the Eastern world. The cultural implications of Mejian’s products and the appeal of Eastern culture it offers have now begun to influence Western mainstream culture as well.

In the long history of ChinaThe story of the green beer wine can be traced back to V and the families. It can be found in calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting and literature. A cup of green beer wine has been a part of Chinese cultural life for thousands of years.

Mejian is a symbol of Chinese green beer wine. The character “Me” in the Tang Dynasty comes from Lu Jianzi’s calligraphy, while the character “Jian” in the Yuan Dynasty comes from Zhao Mingfu. Although the two characters come from different families and calligraphy schools, they combine to create a unique romance.

In 2021, Mejian revived a very popular painting, “The Night Revels of Han Xizai”, and a copy of “Tang Palace Night Banquet” went viral on Chinese social platforms, and was lauded. Chinese netizens.

Recently, Mejian has combined ancient tea-making and wine-making crafts and launched an intelligent series of tea and beer wine products. In addition, the body of the bottle adopts a special visual design, inspired by the legendary Chinese painting “Aspis cranes”.

Objects are just a mirror that reflects the evolution of social psychology and time. So far, Meijian has been recognized in about 20 international mainstream markets, e.g. France, Canada, United States And Austria, Reflects the focus of both product quality and Chinese traditional culture. Meijian’s exit strategy is a good one.

Shows attention to Meijian’s popularity in Louvre Of china Green beer wine for its world class. More importantly, it declares that Chinese brands can draw strength from their 5,000-year-old cultural matrix, and that their cultural textures and cultural spirits can create a thread of beauty around the world.

Source Chong Chung Jiangji Distillery Co., Ltd.

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