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As we continue to emerge from the agony of our coveted captivity, even the most mild-tempered and isolated people need to be driven wild. Those of us who have spent the last two years reading from A to Z from Mary Webster’s Embraced and have dreamed of a multi-colored margarita, with lots of ice, lots of fruit, and the size of a fish bowl. There is a tequila that fits in the glass.

Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. Kalavirus, In Montebello, Whittier and most recently in a part of Pasadena that has no pedestrian traffic at all. Kalaveras is not so much a Mexican restaurant as it is a theme ride that reminds me of “Coco”, the Disney / Pixar animated movie. There are too many skeletons. And these skeletons like to bend the bony elbow.

If you ask for a take-out menu in a skull-dominated calvary, you are given an eight-inch by five-inch card, which contains small platelets and large platelets, tacos and desserts. This is not unusual. But 25% of the menu is dedicated to the idea that Calaviras, more than a place to eat, is a destination to have a hearty party. Margarita is Monday, Tacos is Tuesday, Mezcal is Wednesday, and Myclada is Thursday. There is an hour of daily happiness that stretches for four hours, from 3 to 7, when there is a 2.50 discount on draft beer and a $ 5 discount on selected cocktails.

There is a card with a takeout menu announcing “Our New Items”. Three of them are edible – the chorizo-based El Nono burger, the barbecue quesa berria taco, and the salmon clich رول roll. The other five items are all drinkable – very heavy on the fruit. As in the case of La Vela (Seru’s flavored wine with mango and pineapple). And MI Cocoa (vodka with lemons, strawberries, kiwi and josh fruit).

Three drinks “Five shots and a lot of noise!” As described. Luca Luca costs $ 63, and is called “Special Candy Shots”. This is not the place to order a very dry gin martini. not at all.

This will give you an idea of ​​the focus of the clavers. This is a good place to eat. But when it comes to bending the elbow, the blisters are kept tangled and mixed and shaken. It’s not as much a restaurant as it is a canteen, with Margie Pitchers and Modlo Specials almost always on the table.

Drinking and Mexican food have been a long, very pleasant relationship, and I’m no stranger to happiness. Some of my most memorable nights – just before dawn – were enjoyed south of the border. (Sitting here, I can remember the mixed joys of Souza Hornitos with its distinctive green label in San Miguel de Allende. Happy Hour at the beach office in Cabo San Lucas. And at a wedding in Las Mananitas in Cuernavaca.) mezcal shots – good. times; good times;)

I didn’t drink it like that in Claviers, but I happily took a sip of a homemade drink called Paloma Negra – tequila, grapefruit, lime, a piece of soda and 2 charcoal. That’s what it says. what the hell? Sweet and spicy at the same time, a wonderful combination. And a great way to warm up on a large plate of nachos – a choice of chips, beans, Monterey Jack, Pico de Gallo, Coteja Crema, avocado and carni asada, pork, chicken, etc. ‘food. This is the world away from the real Nachos, which was just tartella chips and cheese, served melted. Duration

Simply put, Claveris offers great bar food. Although I need to emphasize that this is not just a bar meal. This is a great family Mexican restaurant, with plenty for everyone. But for starters, at least, this is the food that goes well with Micalada.

And by the way, it’s nice to see a lot of Mexican beers offered on the draft. I have long argued that draft tastes better than a bottle. The details are just that – the details. But I like the draft so much that I’m obsessed with it.

As is often the case, you can make a good meal with nothing but appetizers. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. Lots of small flavors instead of a big one – that’s the way it is today. And in Kalaveras, along with nachos (which aren’t particularly small), there’s a delicious toastada aguachile – a lime-treated prawn, mainly with a spicy sevich, cucumber and avocado.

Esquite, which looks like guacamole everywhere these days, is a roasted corn flavored with garlic olive sauce, cottage cheese and a spicy chili powder. It’s easy to eat, like a children’s dish for adults.

There are tacos and quasadillas – and tacos, 10 of them, carnivorous, carnitine, chicharon, chicken, braised beef, white fish, prawns and even vegan chorizo. Not beyond meat or impossible meat. Thank God.

But there are Mexican-style sushi rolls. seriously. Dragon Roll is a deep fried roll filled with teriyaki prawns tempura, cucumber, onion, jalapenos, cream cheese and spicy fruit. It crunches. The clich رول rolls are salmon chapotle, cream cheese, jalapeیوo aioli, teriyaki sauce and red onion. There is no sushmi. At least not yet. But who knows?

For those who do not agree that many small tastes are the way to go, there are 16 entries. Also included are Carney Asda, Chicken Breast, Coryzo, Quiso Fresco, Grilled Cactus and a fast molkajet of avocado. This is food for two, easy. Especially if you started with Nachos. And a marge.

And you want to save room for chow sandwiches. Or at least so. Kalaveras is fun – and even more fun sitting on the patio and watching the traffic go by. In this part of Pasadena, nobody walks. But eat a lot, and you can attach one of the skulls on the walls faster than you want. Excessive moderation is a good goal, as it is difficult to stick to.

Meryl Schindler is a Los Angeles-based freelance dining critic. Email [email protected]


  • Classification: 2.5 stars
  • Address: 187 N. Sierra Madre Blvd., Pasadena, 626-314-3540; 854 Ann Garfield, Montpello, 323-728-7492; 13112 Philadelphia St., Whittier, 562-360-1152
  • Information:
  • the meal: Mexican festival
  • Details: Drinks Full bar
  • When: Lunch and dinner, every day
  • the environment: Depending on the location – colorful, wild, or very colorful. It’s really like being at a Mexican festa, with colorful drinks and lots of easy food to fly in every way.
  • Prices: About $ 35 per person
  • On the menu: 10 Platitos ($ 9- $ 20), 10 Tacos ($ 4.50- $ 5), 16 Platotes ($ 9- $ 40)
  • credit card: MC, V
  • What do the stars mean: 4 (World Class! Travelable from Anywhere!), 3 (Best, Even Unusual. Travelable from Anywhere in Southern California.), 2 (A Good Place to Go for Eating. Anyone. Also able to travel from place to place. Neighborhood. (1) If you are hungry, and it is nearby, but do not get stuck in traffic. (0) Honestly, not able to write about it.

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