Participate in the Dietetic Interns ‘Chopped’ competition to commemorate being with a fellow student

On June 8 Dietary intern by Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University Participated in his annual cooking competition at the end of the year. Lauren Danowski, Associate Director of Dietetic Internships, modeled the competition following the Food Network’s popular TV series. Cut offAnd partnered with. University Hospital Food Service The staff hosting the competition in her kitchen.

Dietetic interns participated in a food network-style “chopped” cooking competition in partnership with the University Hospital’s food service staff.

This year’s competition was dedicated to a dietitian intern who had recently passed away, just weeks before his confirmation was completed. The interns made T-shirts to remember Nathalia AldinoDear mother of three children.

Executive chef Jim Kellenberger Combined chopped cooking competition with Danowski to prepare students for this fast-paced kitchen competition. “I like cut-throat competition and I like to create recipes with food interns and give them insights into the interior workings of our commercial kitchens. Just a few months ago, that simple recipe for hospital caretakers. Were working on, and now they can prepare three course meals as they prepare for the next phase of their careers, “said Kellenberger. Each team grabbed their aprons after being assigned either a plant-based protein or dessert as a mystery ingredient provided by Chef Kellenberger.

Mysterious ingredients

Seven teams participated in this team building activity. Five of the teams focused primarily on developing plant-based recipes using different proteins, such as j.A fruit, impossibleTM Meat, tofu or fish and pudding oats. The two teams made desserts using chocolate and avocado or chia seeds.

Kathleen Lagsden KerozaThe Assistant Director of Food and Retail Services, one of the judges of the competition, explained, “It was exciting to see the interns prepare new vegetarian proteins this year. There was no food experience. I am very proud of the interns and their creativity in making this delicious dish. Finally, we all learned something about the trend of plant based protein and discovered some really delicious recipes!

The interns were given ten minutes to plan and one hour to prepare and plate the food. after this, The judges criticized the food on the basis of taste, creativity, presentation and use of ingredients. “It was fun to compete with the other interns. My team was given chia seeds soaked in almond milk, so instead of going with the traditional porridge and chia seed recipe, we made chia seed cupcakes with chia seed frosting. Make it and it turned out better than expected! They provide high protein and fiber, which makes dessert great, “explained Brianna Randa, Dietetic Intern.

In addition to Caroza and Kellenberger, the judges included Patricia Murray, FSA Human Resource Manager. Denis Malindrino, Chef of University Hospital; Ron Stegener, Operations Manager, University Hospital Food Service; And Elizabeth Seaman, Department Administrator for Family, Population and Preventive Medicine.

all of The interns used their time wisely and prepared delicious food. Impress the judges with their cooking skills. Caroline Kenny ’22 of ‘Broccoli Spears’ made Baja Fish Taco with her teammate and commented,It was a great way to combine dietic interns for the last time for a friendly competition before graduating. “

The winning teams.

This year awards were given to the two winning teams in the protein category and one team in the dessert category.

  • Alyssa Decarmine ’22 and Caroline Kenny ’22 of the “Broccoli Spears” team created the C-Boss recipe and won the Best Small Plate Protein category.
  • Alicia Wright ’22 and Amanda Matos’ 22 from “Team GVT” made the tofu recipe and also won the Best Small Plate Protein category.
  • Kelly Taylor ’22, Jimmy Ferrell ’22 and Brianna Randa ’22 of ‘Gut Busters’ made a recipe using Chia Seeds and won for the best dessert.

Students graduated from the program on June 10 and made lasting memories. “I am very proud of the recipes made with all these dietary interns and mysterious ingredients. This group is our 24th.Th Graduate Dietetics Internship Class and 10Th Class to participate in this competition, “Danowski said.

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