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Twenty unique lots of support for local high school scholarships and local nonprofit funds

PASO ROBLES – The PASO Rubles Vine Country Virtual Auction is set to begin on Monday, June 20, and run through Saturday, June 25.

These are specially designed auction lot special packages that are not usually available as retail experiments. The Paso Rubles Wine Country Alliance (PRWCA) combines offers into packages that include luxurious excursions, wine maker dinners at Paso’s best restaurants, exciting vineyard tours, helicopter adventures, as well as rare and exclusive wines.

Visit to start seeing lots and register to bid.


The ultimate benefit of the Paso Rubles Wine Country Virtual Auction is the Paso Rubles Wine Region, for both high school seniors and local nonprofits. Funds raised from the Vine Country Virtual Auction benefit the Paso Robles Wine Country Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization that returns to the community primarily scholarships for young adults wishing to go to college. This year, $ 30,000 went to local nonprofits and $ 16,500 to scholarships.

Joel Peterson, Executive Director of the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance, said: “We are thrilled to showcase some incredibly rare and unique offerings from Paso Robles Wine Country.” Saw which got the attention of bidders from all over the country. Equally interesting is how our wine community has come together in its offerings to invest and give back to our community.

The 2022 online auction includes 20 lots from more than 50 Paso Robles wine country businesses, including wineries, hotels, restaurants, and hospitality partners. The weekly online auction at the Greater Giving Auction site takes place from June 20 to 25. A kind of lot Austin Hope’s Ultimate Passo Wine Country Tour The Paso Rubles Wine Country Helicopter Tour is included, which is not the only Paso Hello Tour. Cereal Wines and Halter Ranch have jointly provided an aerial tour as well as off-road adventure through the vineyards. Two popular lots have returned since 2021, including At Viola, French Family Connection, Which brings the families of L’Aventure, Clos Solène, and Benom together at a six-course dinner with the highest bidder at the unforgettable French food restaurant Les Petites Canailles. Also back to Mysore Sexam Vineyards lineupThere are currently 12 bottles of Saxum Wine to be released.

Other amazing lots included. Ultimate PATRIMONY State ImmersionWhere four people experience real luxury in wine, food and lodging, visiting the newly established estate. either or Tobin James Sellers Stay and PlayWhere three couples spend the weekend at Tobin James and attend one of their famous, all-out parties. For those looking for a memorable wine, Pechi Valley 2020 Magnum Lineup Gives you their existing portfolio, all in big bottles. Speaking of large format, the Side big bottles. Brings together four brands with big bottle offerings. There are many other lots on offer and the only way to bid is to go to

The auction uses Greater Giving’s online bidding platform, which allows for a paperless bidding system. Bidders use smartphones, tablets or desktops to bid on auction items and can easily track lots by “following” their activity without constantly returning to a table or bid sheet.

The Passo Rubles Wine Country Virtual Auction starts on Monday, June 20th. However, much remains to be seen. Visit to start seeing lots, pre-register for bids, and check back daily as more lots will be added. The auction will end on Saturday, June 25 at 5 p.m.

In last year’s auction, 420 registered bidders made a total of 342 bids. Only over $ 70,000 was collected. The PRWCA Foundation awarded a total of $ 30,000 to six local nonprofits to support their missions. They were: Boys and Girls Club of Mid Central Coast, Passo Rubles Library Foundation Program, Jack Helping Hand, Central Coast Cancer Support, SLOAG Program, and Essentials! Support for charities and the Transitions Mental Health Campaign. Seven high school seniors from North San Louis Obespo County received scholarships for the college, totaling $ 16,500.

About the Paso Rubles Wine Country Alliance

The Paso Rubles Wine Country Alliance is a government trade and marketing organization that represents pubs, farmers and businesses in the Paso Rubles American Veterinary Area. Located between San Francisco and Los Angeles, along the central coast of California, the Paso Rubles Wine Country covers more than 40,000 acres of vineyards and 200 pubs. For more information, see

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