Secret Breakfast Recipes from Fast Food Workers at Inn Out, Chapotal and more.

Cheese | Cole Saladino / Thriller

Cheese | Cole Saladino / Thriller

Fast food workers are sick of eating fast food from their own restaurant. Between dealing with insane customers and being influenced by brainwashing “fail good” music, employees will have to eat to gain energy to deal with any crisis that comes their way. But think about it – the in-and-out menu has about two items, and these employees have no choice but to eat them during the day and outside. Not surprisingly, some of them become creative and use pre-existing ingredients to create new and exciting dishes.

We tracked down employees who modified and re-blended their restaurant’s food to make it brand new, usually off-the-menu. (But you can order some of them at all!) Here are all the secret food items that fast food and chain restaurant employees are making for themselves when you are not looking.

Applebee’s Migas
A casual restaurant that sells neither apples nor beeswax (what a rip off!) Employs breakfast staff before any guests arrive. “Before the lunch service starts in the morning, we like to make our own version of the megas,” says Thomas, Apple L’s chef in Los Angeles. “We combine a few eggs with corn tartella chips, our homemade chapotel lime salsa, and smoked bacon. It’s really nice with some pico de gallo on top.” But our son Thomas has not thrown (Apple) beans at the employees’ food. Family food is what chefs prepare for the staff before they work long shifts, and you certainly won’t find them anywhere on the menu. “Our family meal is usually a combination of grilled protein and fresh vegetables (like zucchini, grape tomatoes, yellow squash, red bell peppers, red onions) – that’s what we’re in the mood for,” he said. They say “There is no real name for this dish, as everyone customizes it with different sauces or toppings, like the flavors of pico de gallo or black bean corn.”

Sunk Sun Rise
If you go to Sonak and you don’t get crazy soft drinks, it’s like going to Walt Disney World and not meeting Belle. Beautiful girl and beast Céline and Peabo Bryson style duet with you to sing. There is 1.3 million There’s a variety of drink combos in Sonic, and Mackenzie in Oklahoma City has a good one. “My favorite sprites are orange juice, real cherries and fresh lime,” she says. “We drink it in the morning to promote a carbonated and lemon morning.” He also has many other drinkable recipes in his arsenal. “I like to combine sprite, vanilla syrup, sweet cream and then add different flavored syrups,” she says. “I’ll add blue coconut to make it a ‘. Blue Gentleman, or Cherry for the’ Pink Woman. ‘ can change.

Cole Saladino / Thriller

Tomato Sofreto Breakfast Sandwich
You may know Panera as this place with cups of bread and sandwiches, but in the last year it has been a bit in the menu hall. Part of the new lineup is a few (without bread) bowls of soup (otherwise known as soup), including the Southwest Chicken Tartella version. It’s definitely not a breakfast item, but it does have an ingredient that fits well with breakfast: Tomato Sofreto is the most purposeful sauce in Latin America. “I like bacon, eggs and cheese on whole grain bread,” says Chase from St. Charles, Missouri. (Fun fact: Pineras in Greater St. Louis is still called the St. Louis Bread Company.) “And I add tomato souprito to it. It’s a great way to start your day.” If only we could be bold enough to suggest an unusual way to end your day: Pinera’s Double Fudge Brownie. Don’t you dare fix the cut rate single fudge browns from there?

These are not the only chapel managers whose lips are loose. When no one is watching, we lose sight of what the employees of America’s favorite cult burgers eat. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But one thing we do know: they make “bomb ass tacos,” says one former manager. During the initial shift before the restaurant opened, her co-workers would bring taco shells from home and then “make a pico de gallo with onions, peppers and tomatoes,” she says. Ground beef, commonly used for hamburgers, will also be used.

Carney Asda Lettuce Cup Fugitas
CPK brought back their most beloved leftover corn soda pizza late last year, and this is the key ingredient in what Jamie, a CPK cook in Boulder, Colorado, likes to make for himself. “I made it last night, actually,” she tells us. “I chop some corn soda with white onion, red pepper and red pepper to make it spicy.” She then picks up the lettuce from Sheeta’s lettuce wraps and makes cute little lettuce cups to scoop up the Carney Asda mixture. “I’m usually at the top with Sriracha Farm,” she says.

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Bacon grilled cheese
Mickey D has tons of secret menu items we’ve already told you about, but here’s a twist. Jasmine Nathaniel, a McDonald’s employee, wrote in the Quora Post that she likes to have secret menu grilled cheese and put some bacon on it. We recommend taking it on a sesame seed bun; because where else can you eat sesame seed bun cheese? no where. She also says that she has made herself a ton of quesadillas. Since McD already has a tortilla for sausage burrito, you can order one without eggs and sausage, and make a decent quesadilla with cheese, green peppers and onions.

Crunchwrap Supreme
While Chipotle employees typically make a customer a quesarito (although they hate to do it), it’s unlikely you’ll ever find this rediscovery of Taco Bell Money. We spoke to a former manager of a chapotal who said that he likes to make his store crunch rap supreme, including a barbecue burger mixed with bell peppers and a bun made of turtles. The same manager actually talked about selling Mexican pizza to consumers, made from two open-faced tortillas with a medium-sized salsa, cheese and grilled steak. He said he would be fired if the top management found out about it, so don’t expect him to order it anytime soon. But we can dream.

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Grilled cheese filled with pickles
Dal pickle chips are the secret weapon in Chuck-Phil-A’s beloved chicken sandwich. Butter bun is not bad either. Kyle, an employee in San Jose, California, says grilled cheese is a filling secret that allows employees to order “when they’re more hungry,” but regular people can also order it. He recommends putting plenty of cheese between these pickles, bacon, and this batter bin. If the cashier gives you a look, Kyle says he will ask you to charge individually for each component, and you should go.

KFC and Taco Bell
Cole Saladino / Thriller

Mexican-style KFC dinner
Fair Warning: This should be done on a combination of KFC and Taco Bell. (Not a combination of Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, no matter what Heems says.) Because both restaurants are full of employee shifts, the KFC worker / Reddit user says it is difficult to expand anything. ۔ Also, this fast food hybrid is something you can easily copy yourself. Just buy a seasoning of popcorn nuggets and potato seasonings at KFC, then take three steps towards TB to cover them with nacho cheese and spicy farm sauce. It’s the fast food of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson – a beautiful wedding that will stand the test of time.

Sub-Turkish options
Although it is the only national fast food joint that has venison, Arby’s is definitely not known as a place full of healthy options. After all, it has a sandwich called Matt Mountain. But Gary, an employee in the Los Angeles area, says it’s easier to make RB food relatively healthy if you change it. “I try not to eat too much red meat,” he says. “So I make a bracelet sandwich using turkey instead. It still has BBQ sauce, onion, gouda cheese, and mayo.” He also says that Turkey is great in Fire Roasted Felli, which has Italian spices, provolon, red and yellow peppers and a roasted garlic ivy. “It tastes almost the same,” he says. “But it’s a little healthy.” No big deal, Gary is spreading secrets here and possibly saving people from heart disease. Just another day in the life of a fast food employee.

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