Steak sandwiches, saffron rice and other pieces of the restaurant June 2022 News

June is a waiting game. Waiting for the rain to stop. Waiting for the night to fall (“The sun is waking up so I’m waking up,” my 3-year-old likes to say). And for restaurant fans, some of Portland’s most famous chefs and restaurants have been waiting to open their first major projects since the epidemic began. As we wait for Jeffrey Morgentler and Benjamin “Banjo” Amberg to open their PostClide Common Bar Pacific Standard later this month, Gregory Gordt’s own wooden Haitian restaurant ear and the recently announced bar To finalize the Susol. Here are 10 restaurant news pieces to quench your hunger this June, for Kennard to get final permits for his new Northwest Portland home to Oregon City and Langban.

Celebrity chef Justin Sutherland opens the Big E, a Portland sandwich shop.

Inspired by Prince, the LCD sound system and songs from the infamous BIG, Portland Sandwich’s new store, Big E, is the first restaurant to open outside of Minneapolis-St. Paul by celebrity chef Justin Sutherland. Downtown Portland’s new 197-room Moxy Hotel, 585 SW 10th Ave. Found in the rackroom-style lobby, the top chef’s competitor’s new micro-restaurant offers breakfast sandwiches with eggs in a variety of shapes, talmuk cheese and fluffy milk buns. From Oyatsupan Bakery in Burton. The signature sandwich is It Was All a Dream, with a steak sandwich – such as Biggie lyric – cheese, eggs and Welch grapes (jelly, although for the record, the song refers to juice).

Victor Darchini stands outside Caspian Kabub’s upcoming Beaverton location.Courtesy of Tracy Cinnamon / Caspian Kabub

Great opening of the Caspian Cub in Burton

Caspian Kabob, the beloved former Portland food cart, will make a grand opening on Tuesday, June 14 in his new Burton brick and mortar. Nearly three years after closing their cart at Prost Market Place Pod in North Portland, the owners are Victor and Tracy Darchini. 3807 SW Orbit St., its new restaurant in the West End District. Ready to welcome guests at # 110, a new development on the site of the old Kmart where the Southwest Murray Boulevard collides with the Tualatin Valley Highway. In addition to cinnamon saffron rice and grilled meat kebabs, find specialties including vegetable gourmet (a beef stew), salmon kebab and lamb shank with dal rice.

Fast Feeders adds feathers, creative sauces to the heart of Portland.

Speaking of Food Cart Alley, Portland Monthly was the first to report that Moxie’s micro-restaurant line welcomed a new wing concept of Anthony and Stephanie Brown of the Mexican / Cajun Fusion restaurant Nachos. Located next to Big E (see above), 585 SW 10th Ave., Wing Stand specializes in creative homemade sauce flavors including honey pecans, molasses BBQ, and Dorito-dusted Doriteaux, as well as sides including Tetter Tot, French. Fries and fried pickles.

Flamingo (oh oh oh) takes a wall in the Welspunt Market.

Eric Hansen and Kana Hinohara Hansen’s online Japanese market Flamingo recently occupied a wall in North East Portland’s Specialty Goods Store Welspun Market, 935 NE Couch St., Portland’s monthly reports. This is the place to go for an easy selection of Japanese ingredients, including instant spicy coderoe spaghetti sauce, ramen chips, bass coffee cans and reasonable prices.

The Grand Central Market is moving to a new proprietary structure.

One of the most popular bakeries in the Pacific Northwest will no longer be privately owned by family and longtime employees. Instead, Grand Central Bakery announced that it would create a “permanent purpose trust,” a new type of corporate structure aimed at upholding principles, not profits, company officials said. Two other Oregon businesses are embracing this new kind of proprietary trust. Eugene-based organically grown company and Newport’s famous local Ocean Sea Foods. Read more about it here.


Hinterland, a food cart pod, located at 2216 SE 50th Ave., Portland, Ore., Thursday, April 28, 2022.Mark Graves / The Oregon

Hinterland Food Cart offers a sustainable model for pods.

Portland’s new Hinterland Bar & Carts offers a glimpse into the potential future of food carts. Southeast Portland Pod, 2216 SE 50th Ave. In, a carefully selected fifth of cars is surrounded by amenities typically found in fancy food halls, including covered seats, large TVs, reusable dishwear and the city’s best new cocktails. One of the bars. Hundreds of carts are scattered in parking lots across the city near Portland, but as the owner of one cart put it in our recent review, Hunterland has set a “new standard” for pods. Take a look and you will probably agree.

To close the Fried Chicken Spot Universe, reopen it as a hashtag.

Yonder, Chef Maya Loles’ Northeast Portland Fried Chicken Restaurant, will close at the end of June, then reopen almost immediately as Hesft, a new restaurant featuring some of Yonder’s old personality (and Cocktails, while the kitchen will be free to experiment. With worldly flavors. An initial look at Hissyfit’s menu reveals fun dishes that feature ingredients from both the Northwest Pacific and South America, such as Korean inspired Corn Mail Spring Wool Pancakes with Spicy Millet Syrup, Mac with Fresh Egg Noodles. Farland Springs trout and a gooseberry tomato, but tempura pickled green beans with a smoked cheddar fondio and a koji-treated pork schnitzel. Find Hissyfit to open.

Matador opens a new location in North Portland.

Matador, a popular Mexican restaurant and bar chain located in Oregon, Washington and Idaho, recently opened at 4101 N. Williams Ave. I have opened my third Portland outpost, the company announced in a press release. Known for its selection of over 100 wines, Piloton Apartments’ new 4,500-square-foot restaurant accommodates approximately 120 guests indoors and on its patio.

MidCity SmashBurger offers the best smash burgers in Portland, and costs only $ 5.  Photo: Colorful Cart Portland Southeast Portland location.

MidCity SmashBurger offers the best smash burgers in Portland, and costs only $ 5.Michael Russell | Oregon

Extends to Mid City Band. Samich is leaving for Lebanon.

Two large Portland food carts are in motion. MidCity SmashBurger, our choice for Portland’s best smash burger, and Pastrami Zombie, the sister of Sammich’s sandwich shop in Ashland, are moving forward this month. After taking a wrong turn at Corvallis, Samich’s basket landed on the new landing cart pod of Tallboy Brewing, 2055 Primrose St. Mid City, Lebanon, meanwhile, opening a new cart in Bonnie Yard Brewing’s under-remodel original taproom. Expansion has been created. , 37 NW Lake location at the bend.

What’s Happening at Ocean City Seafood?

One of Portland’s signature Dum Sim restaurants seems to have closed. Ocean City, a longtime rival of Wong’s King Seafood, was closed during a recent trip down southeast 82nd Avenue, its building wrapped in a chain link fence. The Ocean City website is still up and running, but no one responded to phone calls or follow-up emails on Tuesday. Wong Qing, you will remember, closed during the epidemic, with a different dim spot, the best food, finally opened in its place.

Rockwood Market Hall warmed up the grisham dining scene.

New Gresham Food Hall Rockwood Market Hall is not just a destination for fans of poboys, ponchos or chicken tikka masala. This is a potential catalyst for growth in our historically low-funded Gresham neighborhood. Following in the footsteps of MAX, the large facility already boasts a backyard of smaller restaurants, with plans to add a dozen and a half more, including micro-grocers, all with a Euro-style plaza with a play area. , Seasonal splash pad and white tablecloth Mexican bar. And the girl in La Villa.

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