The best edible flowers – how to cook with edible flowers.

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If you are a host who feels that the dining table does not look good without a center of freshly cut flowers, then we are with you. People eat with their eyes as much as they eat with their other senses and a little beauty can make a simple meal extraordinary.

Well, you can enjoy the beauty of flowers not only on your table, but actually on the dinner plate! Edible flowers are an easy and beautiful way to add color and flavor to a dish, either as a garnish, or even added to the dish itself. And fresh flowers are served to guests in a simple dish such as a salad, or some other unadorned cake.

Many edible flowers are actually easy to grow! You can plant some of these plants in window boxes or flower beds so that you always have a constant supply. When choosing flowers from your garden, pick them first thing in the morning and when they just open, look fresh and taste them. Rinse gently, allow to dry on paper towels, and add to your dishes before serving. Fresh flower topping cakes and baked goods usually look good for two days.

A very important note: if you are buying edible flowers, Make sure they are not treated with pesticides or fungicides. It is best to get them from your garden or online companies that specialize in edible flowers. If you are buying flowers at a farmer’s market, talk to the farmer to make sure they have not been sprayed. We would recommend avoiding flower shops unless the store specifically advertises that their flowers have not been treated.

Here are some of our favorite edible flowers that are both beautiful. And Delicious:

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These charming annuals are so easy to grow! Combine flower heads and top cakes and cupcakes, cakes, salads, or ice cubes to prepare summer drinks.

Try them: buttermilk cupcakes.

Signet marigolds have small flowers and beautiful winged leaves. Add these hardy annual flowers to salads for a stressful cook. Other marigolds are also edible, but they have a strong leg that closely resembles a tarragon. Best of all, they are very easy to grow!

This unknown annual herb is easy to grow from seed and will easily plant seeds in your garden for years – and they are perfect for jirgas. The sweet blue flowers taste like cucumber wi and are amazingly floating in gin and tonic like lemonade and cocktail. The leaves are also edible, but not particularly attractive due to their opaque structure.

Dinner, dessert or cocktails include rose petals, a sweet or spicy cake depending on the type of rose. Make sure they have not been sprayed before use.

Try it: pistachio and rose petal chicken pilaf.

This sweet perennial flower hints at the sweetness of the flowers in the pots. Use them in fresh or dried lemonade, scones and cocktails.

Try it: Lavender-Rosary Lemonade.

It is easy to grow from nestortem seeds. Apply these annuals throughout the garden, then use fresh leaves and flowers to add pepper to the salad. Even seeds can be made into pickles and used as a substitute for capers!

Grow English chamomile, perennial variety, in your garden, then use small flowers like daisies to make fresh or dry tea. They also make a beautiful cake garnish! But if you are allergic to Rug Wade, avoid this plant.

Try it: Orange-chamomile cake.

Of course, you know that the small leaves of this perennial herb are edible, but there are also delicate flowers, which come in purple, pink and white, and have a milder flavor. Use them in salads, soups, or cheese spreads.

Use it as a garnish: Orange-thyme vintage.

Once your pale is pale (or goes to the flower), use the flowers to make salads and soups. If it has gone into the seed, it is coriander; Save for cooking or replanting next year.

Try it: watermelon-cilantro lemonade.

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