The DND says the actual cost of the governor general’s meal on a flight to the Middle East is K 80K.

The tab included three dinners, three snacks, two lunches and various snacks for 17 crew members in addition to 29 passengers, including flight crew and security personnel.

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Reconciling the receipts, Canada’s Department of National Defense is due to review earlier data released earlier this year regarding Deputy Governor Regal’s infamous $ 93K in-flight catering tab during Deputy Regal’s flight to Expo 2020 in Dubai. Persuaded

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In a statement issued Thursday, the DND said that reducing the number, the food bill for Governor-General Marie Simon’s visit to the Middle East on March 16-24 is $ 80,367.19.

“This amount includes in-flight food, delivery and catering arrangements,” the statement said.

The 80 80K tab includes “3 dinners, three breakfasts, two lunches and various breakfasts for 29 passengers and 17 crew members, including flight crew and security personnel,” the statement said.

“Although we always try to minimize food costs, catering services are only available from select providers, as defined by various airports and local authorities, with prices that These are determined by the vendors, “the statement said.

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“The Canadian dollar also affects the exchange rate.”

A DND source speaking in the background said the previous figure of K 93K was an estimate.

Earlier this week, the National Post revealed answers to paperwork submitted by Conservative MP Michael Barrett, in which Simon and his 29 passengers used $ 93,117.89 in onboarding catering services. Journey to Expo 2020 in Dubai from March 16 to March 24.

Long-standing government policy, as well as security concerns, prevent both the Prime Minister and the Governor-General of Canada from flying commercially.

It is the job of the Royal Canadian Air Force to bring senior officials and VIPs from Point A to Point B. ۔ CC-150 Polaris transport aircraft, basically the military version of the venerable Airbus A310 aircraft.

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For short or low profile trips, VIP transport is handled by members of the 412 Transport Squadron at Ottawa International Airport aboard one of the four Bombardier CL60 Challenger business jets.

The flight deck and cabin crew on both planes are managed by members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

For Challenger flights starting from Ottawa, the flight chief steward can often pre-prepare meals on the flight using local ingredients, or even preserve food prepared by local restaurants.

“This is usually a very inexpensive means of providing in-flight food, but it is limited to flights departing from Ottawa,” the statement said.

Other flights listed in response to the order paper included the Prime Minister’s visit to Latvia, Germany and Poland from March 5 to March 11, where 60 passengers aboard the Conforce One used پر 57,401.56 for catering on the flight.

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In contrast, smaller catering tabs appeared on flights using smaller and less capable challengers.

Defense Minister Anita Anand received a catering bill of 2, 2,498.62 for her and eight passengers during a meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels on February 14, about a week after she returned from a separate three-stop European trip. I noticed that nine passengers used 1,396.22. Catering charges.

Only one flight in the data – the same day on April 8 Hamilton, camel round trip. Catering costs were reduced to zero as a result of the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister Christiaan Freeland and various staff members being evacuated.

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