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The Rwanda Food and Drugs Authority (RFDA) and the European Union signed a 2 2 million agreement on Wednesday, June 22, aimed at enhancing RFDA’s capacity through peer-to-peer partnerships with regulatory agencies in several EU member states. To improve. .

The program will help RFDA improve the country’s favorable environment for regulation of pharmaceutical products and vaccines, in collaboration with a French-led consortium consisting of Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Greece, Austria and Lithuania.

This collaboration will give RFDA access to support from EU national regulatory agencies, including expert missions, seminars, workshops, training courses and study tours, to achieve jointly established goals.

The EU also provided RFDA with key quality control laboratory equipment, including equipment for key integrated information management systems, to allow the regulatory authority to establish a more sophisticated quality control laboratory to ensure vaccine safety, Support its work to ensure efficiency and quality. Pharmaceutical products.

Rwanda FDA Director-General Dr. Emile Benoit is signing the agreement as French Ambassador to Rwanda (left) Antoine Enfrey and EU Ambassador to Rwanda Nicola Bellomo appear in Kigali on June 22.

The EU’s ambassador to Rwanda, Nicola Belumo, described the agreement as “a real Team Europe initiative, combining the expertise of several EU member states with RFDA experts.”

“With the start of construction of Rwanda’s BioNtech vaccine production plant, it is timely. Finally, this is an important partnership. This is the first twin collaboration between Rwanda and EU member state public authorities and health in sub-Saharan Africa. Is the first twin support in the field, “he said.

French Ambassador to Rwanda Anton Enfre described the agreement as “very ambitious and timely”.

“France is proud to be part of this twin agreement with Belgium, Germany and Lithuania, which will enable Rwanda to become a hub for drug and vaccine production,” he said.

French Ambassador to Rwanda (left) Anton Enfrey and EU Ambassador to Rwanda Nicola Bellomo signed the MoU in Kigali on June 22. Courtesy

“Regulatory aspects are very important in this area. I believe that the Rwanda Food and Drugs Authority (Rwanda FDA) and the French agency Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament (ANSM), the German Paul Ehrlich Institute, the Belgian Scientologist and the Lithuanian State Medicine Control Agency The close partnership between them is a game changer.

Congratulations and thanks to the EU delegation, Operator Expertise France and the Government of Rwanda on their respective achievements in this process.

Dr. Daniel Nigameje, Minister of Health, described the cooperation as important for supporting Rwanda’s drug regulatory framework.

The Government of Rwanda mobilizes the expertise of consortium partner countries (France, Germany, Belgium, and Lithuania) through the European Commission on its best health and regulatory bodies, as well as three other EU member states (Sweden, Greece and). Appreciates the efforts of Austria to help strengthen the drug regulatory framework.

Rwanda looks forward to the implementation of this cooperation and is particularly committed to using the EU team’s laboratory equipment to provide effective laboratory services in the field of vaccine regulation.

RFE / RL Director-General Dr. Emile Benoit said the plan comes at a time when Rwanda is already on the verge of developing a vaccine, which requires strengthening the Rwandan FDA’s regulatory capacity.

Therefore, the project aims to help strengthen Rwanda’s FDA regulatory framework. Rwanda’s FDA has also acquired laboratory equipment with EU funding.

The equipment received under this consignment will enhance the capacity of our Quality Control Laboratory as we move towards vaccine regulation, which is still one of the Authority’s priorities, ”he said.

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