The stylish Italian restaurant Bikino opens inside the huge new flagship flannel store.

A magnificent new Italian restaurant is opening in Liverpool’s city center, inside a large new flagship flannel store.

On Parker Street, right in front of Clayton Square, is the bikini aimed at introducing “a bold new Italian concept into a modern, luxury space.” The restaurant is located inside the Owen Oven Building, which was previously occupied by the Tesco Metro Store, but has been completely relocated for new flannels.

Its recent history as a supermarket has been wiped out with cool walls, pastel colored pops, exposed pipework, sleek lighting and more. Bikino, a pink and sage green haven, offers an all-day menu featuring brunch brunch with Italian favorite pizza, pasta and more. There will also be a selection of guests, cocktails, coffee and desserts.

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Based on the ground floor of the Flannels, Bicino is a compact restaurant that still offers a cozy atmosphere, full of luxury. The flawless decor evokes the feel of Wes Anderson with a variety of pink pops and textures like marble, wood and velvet.

There is an open courtyard where food lovers can watch their food being prepared in the comfort of plush, dark blue, tub barstools that are reminiscent of mid-century design, with a modern bar featuring bright, pastel blue shades. I appreciate the layout. It is finished with a magnificent marble counter.

The beautiful interior was created by the designers of Youth Studio. Youth Director Oli Cooling said: “Bicino is a modern Italian treat that serves dinner at the visual invitation of all senses.

Bicino is based on the ground floor of a new flagship flannel store in downtown Liverpool.
(Photo: Andrew Tebe Liverpool Echo)

Much inspired by the vintage interiors of the ’70s, space materialism and architecture point to the dynamism of an era filled with rich tones of marble, oversized bucket armchairs and swivels. Designed to embrace the spirit of trust and enthusiasm. “

Flannels, bikinos and other indoor venues will be built and operated by the Zina Hospitality Group, the brand behind some of the Northwest’s favorite restaurants, including Evelyn’s Cafe Bar, Goi, Mughal Charcoal Pit, Les Dukes Pizza Bar. , The latest dining venues of Arloys, The Daisy and Numerous Flans, Cena Kitchens and bars in Sheffield and Cafe Klo in Leicester.

Ben Granger, creative director of Bacino, Zanna, said: “We want something that is lively and accessible and yet has a sense of luxury and elegance. I think it serves – We take food and drink really seriously. “

Molly Dolan, Business Development Manager, said: “It’s a real combination of texture, which is beautiful. We have a set of communal seating areas then we have tables that are a little more intimate, which is interesting because it’s so delicate. Feels and beautiful but then we have these really strong, tub chairs. I just love them.

Bar in bikinis
Bar in bikinis
(Photo: Andrew Tebe Liverpool Echo)

“We still want you to have a sense of place but feel like it’s a place where you can come for brunch, or on your way to work, or go shopping with your partner or your mom.” Yes – we want it to be a place where you can come at any time. The point of your day. ” He added: “It’s a dream come true.”

The purpose of the food on offer is to be as impressive as the decoration. Molly continued: “Everything is as local as it can be, it’s fresh, it’s seasonal and we work with the best suppliers. Pizzas are really Napoleon style so they’re quite spicy. – The dough is baked for 24 hours and then baked for two minutes and it is a stone oven.

“We also have a list of beautiful, extensive wines that have been carefully crafted. Our goal is to offer a service that is high quality but still feels comfortable and cozy.”

Bacino will open on Thursday, June 23 at 10:00 AM. It is open from 10am – 8pm Monday to Friday, 9am – 7pm Saturday and 11am – 5pm Sunday. Flannels will also open tomorrow at 10 a.m.

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