Tips for healthy snacks that keep children happy between meals.

Tara Ross, a registered dietitian with the Heart Life program at Prisma Health Upstate, is a mother and also specializes in the healthy snack department. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for acne treatment. Alternate as needed for allergies and remember to avoid the dangers of suffocation for young children. And while homemade is great, Ross isn’t opposed to store-bought snacks to make life easier. Check out this list of favorites for some nutritionists who are ready to catch up and go.

Remember to practice dividing responsibilities to help reduce conflict. This means that as a parent your job is to decide what foods to serve, when to have breakfast, and where to have snacks. Your child’s job is to decide how much more they will eat. For older children, it may be helpful to include them in the planning process or offer a choice (would you prefer nuts or cheese with your apple slices?) But in the end you decide What to offer.

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