Where to Eat During Your JFK Layover – Culinary Backstreets

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is the gateway for many travelers entering and leaving New York City. If one leg of your trip is an international flight, you could easily take a six-hour, maybe longer, break.

You will probably spend some of that time searching. Hitting Manhattan’s tourist highlights can be a daunting task, however – from the airport, which is spread over the southernmost part of Jamaica, Queens, you should give yourself at least a three-hour drive. (If you leave the airport on a itinerary, you may need to clear customs and immigration as well as security.)

Why not use your time wisely and stay in Queens instead?

If you’ve looked out the window during a previous flight to JFK, you’ve probably seen the long, narrow peninsular rockway, covered with sand and washed away by the Atlantic Ocean. As the Ramones’ most famous quote will remind you, the most famous neighborhood on the peninsula, just across the causeway from the airport, is “not difficult, not too far to reach”: Rockaway Beach. This is a year round destination, although some businesses are open only during the summer months.

That said, if your layover is three hours or less, it would be unwise to leave the airport. You will probably spend most of it coming and going, and you will be worried about the possibility of missing your next flight. It’s best to have a drink or a bite inside the JFK, make your way to your departure door, and relax.

If your break is a bit long, you may want to consider a nearby “beach” that is on the way to the rockways, but where you are unlikely to see sand. There are many low-rise houses in the small neighborhood near Howard Beach – some, along the waterways, sit on stilts – and old-school Italian-American dining houses. New Park Pizza Offers great slices and whole pies to enjoy indoors or on a picnic table. Lenny’s claim bar More shiny – the entrance is equipped with autographed photos of many of its famous users – and its menu is much wider. We are attracted to seafood, especially shrimp, scallops, calamari And سکنگیلی.

From the airport, New Park and Lenny are 15 minutes or less by taxi or rental car. An extra 15 minutes will take you to Cross Bay Blvd. And to get you to Rockway Beach via Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. It is also possible to reach Rockways by mass transit – but on most days you will need to take the JFK AirTrain to Howard Beach-Airport subway station, transfer to the A train going south, and the Broad Channel. Take a one-stop trip to the station, then move on. Take a shuttle train and make another stop at Beach 90th Cent. A taxi is also much faster, less confusing and almost less frustrating.

Rockway Beach Bakery This can be your best first stop. Locals come to the beach for seasonal fruit-filled Danish, homemade biscuits and croissants for sandwiches, sliced ​​cakes and pies and many more for baked confectionery that changes daily but soon disappears. Become Arrive after mid-afternoon and you’ll probably find a rolled security gate and the legendary “Gone Surfing”.

A surfboard marks the entrance to the nearby Rockway Beach Surf Club, with a spacious courtyard known as a lively indoor bar and Mexican food stand. Tacoway Beach (Summer only). You’ll want to get here early, too, and order your meals before queuing at the bar – cocktails come early, but fried fish tacos can’t be rushed.

Unlike Tacoway Beach, a few blocks from the sea, Rappers (Summer only) is within the water and beach only surfers section, which anchors one of the many vending privileges with a five and a half mile boardwalk. Burgers and fries are the reasons for this. Both taste better when there is a salty breeze on the beach.

Rockaway Bazaar, another discount a short distance to the west, hosts two handfuls of grocers under one roof. Our favorite of them, the Red hook lobster pound (Summer only) presents its signature lobster roll in two ways: cool, with lemon fruit (main style) or hot, with butter (Connecticut style). Maybe you are traveling with a friend who eats and you can try both.

Parallel to the beach and boardwalk, but a little further inland, Rockaway Beach Blvd. Dozens of businesses line up where you can dine. Many people have their roots in Latin American cuisine. But away from the boulevard, you can combine smoothness with Nigerian chow – whenever possible, with local produce – on Cradle NYC. pay attention. efo riroSpinach stew.

A few blocks away – and a shady interior of a welcome shelter, après-beach, if the heat and sun is too much – Of one A cool Uzbek salad may just be the thing, but don’t let that stop you. MantiBoiled dumplings with ground beef or butternut squash. We are also part of the homemade ice cream ice cream, which contains more sweets as well as black and white sesame seeds.

If your taste in ice cream tends to be more towards Northeast America than Central Asia, Mara’s Ice Cream Parlor Immediately across the road. Some three dozen flavors await you. Cup? Cone Shake Sunday? Even when the line extends to the door, there is usually room to sit in a shady, sandy backyard.

Even when at every table Bungalow Bar Filled, the outer deck is not as rugged as the local surfer joints. This cozy restaurant – soup, salad, sandwich and mens with or without seafood – sits on the bay of Rockway Peninsula, and a beautiful waterfront of Jamaica Bay and the Cross Bay Veterans Memorial Bridge. Presents a view of You’ll also see JFK’s arrival and departure air traffic – a reminder that you have a catch-up plane. Very soon, very soon!

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