Where to get authentic Mexican food in Houston.

The Big Fall in Arnoldo Richards’ Picos. Photo: Peak

IIf you know anything about living in Lone Star State, you know that our Mexican cuisine is top notch. Although Texas is famously the birthplace of the Tex-Mex, and Houston has claimed fugitives – let the patrons of the Tex-Mex offer one for Saint “Mama” Ninfa Laurenzo – it is important that the authenticity of the authentic species and Don’t forget the flavors. The Mexican food that can be found here, the food is very spicy in our plates and delivered without any corners. Juicy skirt steaks, fresh chillies, and rustic corn tortillas are all important dining areas south of the border, but if traveling south doesn’t fit your lunch break at all, don’t worry: Houston has the next best thing. ۔

From greasy meats on Mexico City street tacos to coarse corn massa on the Oaxacan Talaquio, Houston restaurants serve your cravings. Whether it’s a nice finger-licking menu of family-owned tacos such as Tacos Doña Lena or a wide range of dishes from all regions of Mexico served at the Arnaldo Richards’ Picos restaurant, this city is the largest portal of the Chileans. Is full of Nougat with authentic Mexican restaurants that will satisfy your craving for fresh, tasty food.

To make your search for authentic Mexican food easier, we’ve put together a handy guide to the best Mexican restaurants in town.

Of Ninfa

Originally set up as a side business to help Ninfa Laurenzo’s Tartella factory with financial troubles, Ninfa’s has made a modest start. Proud of the slogan, “Texas’s Best Mexican Food Ever Since Texas Was in Mexico,” the restaurant’s uptown and navigation locations offer a wide selection of Mexican food classics, including hand-made tamals and original taco a. la Ninfa, which was first developed in 1973. If you’re looking for something more experimental, try the award-winning fujita burger, which includes authentic Mexican flavors – think queso Oaxaca and Monterey Jack cheese melted over perfectly grilled fujita patties – with an offer that Originally American.

Arnoldo Richards Picos Restaurant

The full name of this restaurant is actually Arnaldo Richards’ Picos Restaurant Seven Regions of Mexican Cuisine, and it lives up to its manicure. The Kirby outpost has a large menu that focuses on the characteristics of chefs from seven regions, such as the Mixiote Hidalgo style, a spicy lamb shank steamed in Agio parchment, from central Mexico. And don’t miss out on drinks while you’re at it – the restaurant is proud of its relationship with Master Distillers, and is famously the birthplace of Picos Shakir Margarita.


With a name literally translated as “spoon”, Kochara encourages his guests to (symbolically and literally) dig up their local cuisine. Montrose offers a Mexico City-inspired bistro brunch and dinner menu that includes dishes such as esquiet, Mexican street corn salad, and incahuatadas, with enchiladas covered in a spicy peanut salsa. Kachara does not limit his Mexico City influence to his food. Mexican artist Cecilia Beyonce decorates the walls, colorful food dishes surround the tables, and rugged aprons draw the essence of the restaurant to create an authentic dining experience.

This classic Blair canteen has everything you need to satisfy your Mexican craving: guacamole ready-made table-side, tamales, chalupas, and menudo con pozole, just to name a few. Be sure to check out Don Carlos’s Nachos while you’re here. From Supreme Nachos to Fujita Nachos, this restaurant is sure to please any Tartella Chip lover. And if you don’t like tortilla chips, don’t worry – Don Carlos also treats potato fries to dance.

100% support

As a result of the University of Houston’s Entrepreneurship Program, 100% Taquito’s mission is to recreate the street food experience of Mexico City on the road. On Greenway, the restaurant’s decor mimics a Mexico City plaza with a bright green cab and sidewalk flooring. As the name suggests, the 100% Taquito menu has a long list of taquito flavors, offered in all three. And if you can’t make a choice, go for a sample, which gives guests a taste of beef, spicy biscuits, and chicken molasses.


If you’re looking for an extensive menu full of Mexican food classics in the Museum District, look no further than La Tapatia. With a mix of traditional flavors and modern techniques, Cantina’s signature dishes include eight types of enchilada, covered in toppings such as ranchira sauce, avocado and cheddar cheese. Looking for variety? The menu also includes a combination of dishes, such as Tampiqueña, which comes with a beef skirt steak, a cheese enchalda, and crispy ground beef tacos.

Party in Guadalajara

Founded by the sons of Mexican immigrant farm workers, Fiesta en Guadalajara prides itself on its family recipes. The Heights restaurant boasts a range of traditional dishes, including fujita with charro beans and tilapia filled with fried prawns and mushrooms. And for those looking for a full plate, the menu’s Mexican Favorites section promises to be exciting with its grilled chicken and skirt steak dishes.


The combination of locally sourced ingredients and a welcoming service creates a great Mexican dining experience at two North Houston locations in Umbresa. The menu reflects the restaurant’s commitment to taking traditional Mexican flavors to new heights through modern cooking. Standout dishes include the restaurant’s tuna toastada, which combines Asian spices with refried beans, as well as its signature burgers, which include the basics of Mexican cuisine in the form of burgers.

Teotihuacan Mexican Cafe

An authentic Mexican restaurant with a twist, Teotihuacan Mexican Cafe in the Heights has a unique menu that includes dishes such as their infamous Caliente Shrimp, chiles rellenos, and Mexican-style tortas. Probably the most impressive on their menu are the Perelda Plates – the different meat plates to share. The restaurant’s signature includes Parrillada Teotihuacan, Chargirld quail, small beef ribs, grated jumbo prawns, beef and chicken fugitas, and a Chilean relino.


For those who like food based on traditional Mexican cuisine, Hugo’s is the restaurant for you. With a menu designed for seafood lovers, eaters can enjoy oysters, scallops, prawns, and catches of the day, all with a familiar Mexican flavor. Montrose Stalwart also offers a unique opportunity to experiment with new foods. Dishes such as chapoline – Chupotle salsa, guacamole and locusts served with turtles – will surely entice guests looking for new flavors.


Named after Polanco, a Mexican neighborhood known for its high-end cuisine, Polanco brings a small piece of Mexican cuisine to Houston, all gathered in several areas. In addition to the dinner and lunch menu, the restaurant also serves late afternoon brunch. So, late risers, don’t be afraid, because you too will have the opportunity to try the Mexican breakfast, complete with Hughes Ranchiros, Fried Tartella Chips, and Rice Pudding Empanadas.

La Changda Tacos and Tequila

Using the flavors of Mexico City and Oaxaca as a cornerstone, this charming North Houston Takoria prides itself on dishes that taste like home. Fans’ favorites include the restaurant’s Talaquio, a menu full of cheese and beans, and a menu of tasty tacos. For those interested in more personalized food, La Changda’s Huarachus can be customized with a wide selection of toppings.

Donna Lena Tacos

Lena Cabrera’s award-winning food recipes come straight from Mexico, where she began selling her tacos before moving to the United States. Now, Tacos Doña Lena, located in the Spring Branch, is known for its street tacos, homemade salsa, and local Mexican favorites, such as chelakels. Most menus are tailored to guests’ preferences, including meat choices (or meat substitutes), so no one will leave Tacos Doña Lena unsatisfied.

Nana’s Mexican cocaine

Nana’s 100% home guarantee of Mexican cocaine is just one proof of the authenticity of the restaurant. Among Oak Forest favorites, tacos are a specialty, and they are served on freshly baked tortillas and paired with toppings such as tortilla chip eggs or longanisa sausage. And if delicious food is not enough, the restaurant offers a special daily special on its breakfast tacos, in addition to which you can get mouth-watering food at a reasonable price.


Local Mexican flavors and techniques are in the front and center of downtown Xochi. The vibrant cuisine and distinctive flavors are part of the restaurant’s mission to celebrate the Mexican region of Oaxaca and its local cuisine. At Xochi, guests can expect delicious vegetarian choices, along with sesame, homemade chocolate, and masala. And if you’re interested in a traditional Oaxacan breakfast, you won’t be disappointed with its Sunday brunch buffet.

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